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Old 04-15-2003, 08:15 PM   #1
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Help me!!! Olds Cutlass 78

Ok, I dont know much if anything about cars, but heres the dillema. My carbarator was in some trouble, after the engine got a little warm lets say about 30 mins of driving the car wouldnt stay on at stop lights. I had to put it in neutral and give it a little gas for it to stay on. I took it in and he did some adjustments on it and it seemed fixed but then the engine started knocking. He said it was a lower engine knock, it sounded like a small tick and as I gave it gas it would get louder. He told me I was going to need a new engine and that it was ok for now but the engine is going and it will give out eventaully. he said I needed a new engine. the car has 119,000 miles on it. a week and a half later the car died on me while driving. it makes the noise when i turn the key but it just wont start up. I tried to jump it and no go. what should I do? I dont too much like this guy and I think he did something to it, because it wasnt knocking or anything before I gave it to him. do I need a whole new engine? can I get this one rebuilt? and can someone tell me whats a reasonable price for a new one or a rebuild? all I know is its a 78 cutlass supreme, and its a 260. thanks so much. and can you try and tell me the cheapest way to fix this car. Im a teenager with a crappy job. thanks.
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