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Old 04-18-2006, 03:29 AM   #1
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Funny Road Rage experience

Well, today I drove back from Atlanta to Baton Rouge to finish off my semester. I was on I-10W on the Mississippi/Louisiana border (2-lane interstate on each side) and I was in the left lane in a 8-10 car line going about 70mph (slow car blocking the flow)...

So a blue 2002-ish Monte Carlo SS (supercharged Series II 3.8) comes blowing up in the right hand lane and passes me by and then gets stuck behind a slow 60-65mph truck. The driver then is desperate to get into the left lane to get around this truck but there is really no room in this long line of cars I'm in, in the left lane (slightly less than a car-length between the vehicles, basically)...So this @sshole decides to try and sneak in in front of me and he totally would of clipped my front end had I not slowed down and let him in as he was pushing his way in. I then stood on my horn and didnt let up to let the driver know they were being @sses. Then I proceed to get three fingers from the left right and sunroof windows respectively (totally stupid) from the Monte Carlo SS. I get a little pissed and decide to have fun with this clown. When I find my line I get in the right lane and pull up side-by-side with the Monte and they had their windows down so I gave these 30ish aged couple a few words and the finger (going about 75-80mph)...they say some crap back and what do I do?

I grab my burger king drink I was drinking from dinner earlier and proceed to say "Eat drink b*tches" and threw a perfect throw of my king size cup of diet coke right through their passenger side window and hit the passenger and exploded everywhere in their car. Obviously I was cracking up at this point and they thought I must be insane so they try and get away from me as quick as possible...

(This is where it gets good)... So he gets in the right lane in front of me and lays down HARD on the throttle and pulls away. I'd say they got up to 100-105mph then laid off the throttle and I see a huge steady stream of black smoke come out from UNDERNEATH the engine (not the exhaust) and then BAM...the supercharger belt snapped and fell out beneath the car.

I then pulled over as quickly as I could and had to sit there cracking up for about 5 minutes. This has got to be the one of the top 3 funniest things in driving a car I've ever witnessed, probably ever will.
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