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Originally Posted by ChrisV
Not necessarily, as the way a V engine is cast makes it pretty strong, to start with. And as stubby as the V4 is, there woldn't be much longitudinal flexing like there is in an inline engine.

Part of the reason they fell out of favor you alluded to before. They tend to be harder to balance, and even with a separate balance shaft, the V4s were and are not very smooth engines. A complaint often lobbed at the Subies, as well.

not to mention that many of the representatives in Subaru dealers are complete assholes, specially with warranties (at least in PR they are, and from wat i hear, in some states too)

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Originally Posted by nighthawk
and also, I read something about a volkswagon V5
i really dont understand how a v5 could possibly work, 5=odd number

Remember, on a V engine, the cylinders are staggered when looked at from above. This is done so that the connecting rods on the crank can sit next to each other. So you always have one side offset from the other. In a V5, you simply omit one cylinder from one side, so it kind of looks like a W from above. When you put the engine transversely, it ends up being shorter than a V6 or I4. And in VW's case, they use a shallow V so that there is still only one head.

Remember, VW/Audi has a lot of experience with 5 cyl engines in the 80/90/100/200 series cars (that the US got as the 4000 and 5000).
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i now know everything

but thanks, i made this thread last night and now its filled up nice and good
now that I think of it, a v5 does make sense, looks like a W or the olympics symbol, (seen from above of course)

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