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THEY broke it...

I am Nito, I live in Baton Rouge, LA. GO TIGERS!! I have a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder XE, most options, 198500 miles, I takes care of ma stuff, just drove to Palm Beach 950 miles, worked out of my car (I'm a Construction Analyst for Natural Disasters), and back. Before I left, I had a time belt and related replaced. While there I went through high water, it popped more of the exhaust manifold gasket out through the cooling process. My cars gasket would no longer seal after 5 mins, so it had a loud annoying tapping sound all the way home.

I took it to the local muffler shop. They told me 300 plus studs, if/when broken and 1 day. I said no problem.

1 day later, no car/no call. I called them, they said 7 studs/1 more day. I said okay.

2 days/several phone calls/570$ later I have my car back.

I drove to south Louisiana for work, my power steering fluid was leaking, they had loosened it through the manipulation of the unit to repair the exhaust. I went to the local car wash and cleaned the area, pulled the hose, inspected (it was just loose) and replaced, problem solved, except that the list of inconsistancies was growing from the shop.

Price/Time/Proper Repairs/I was told the tech working on my car had come over less than 6 months before, how qualified was he to be drilling into my head? The other guy? Sure, used him 2 times before, no problem, but whose the new guy?

I woke up yesterday to a small amount of greenish fluid on the ground. I reinspected a few places I had parked in the last couple of days. The water I assumed was A/C water we all get when running the AC is not. Its Coolant. I took it to the shop who did my Timing Belt, they know the meticulous records I keep, they know the shape of the car from before, the know he drilled into the cylinder wall when tapping the stud he broke off.

They say he is liable. I don't want him or his shop or his FRIENDS shop doing the work. What is my legal recourse. Do I demand my money back for the work he did? Obviously he did NOT do a great job. Do I demand he pay the bill from shop B, whom I really trust to do head work? Do I get a translator? A lawyer?

Has anyone ever had a nightmare like this before?

I just got the call 20 minutes ago, still in shock, Edmunds and say my car is still worth b/w 2000-3300 EDMUNDS and 3000-5300 KBB.

What would YOU do?

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