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How to do spraypainting headlight designs

If you dont know what I mean by headlight designs, I am talking about when people use masking tape or custom made vinyl shapes from a car graphics store and put them on the headlights. For example, you could use two perfectly cut vinyl circles about 7 cm apart from each other on each headlight. After they put the masking tape or vinyl on the headlights, they paint the headlight and once the paint is dry, pull off the vinyl or masking tape revealing the non painted areas where the vinyl or masking tape was. The rest of the headlight is painted leaving only the spots open where you placed the vinyl or masking tape. If you used two perfectly cut vinyl circles, you will have a headlight that looks like a bmw headlight with two beams coming through each open space where the vinyl or masking tape was. The rest will be the painted part where no light comes through. I have tried this using krylon paint for plastic but this ended up bubbling because of the heat. I am not sure if it was because of the headlight heat or the heat from the sun beating down on them. It bubbled at the top area above the design, but i am not sure what caused it (either the sun or the heat in the headlight rising up). Maybe you guys have ideas on why that happened.

My second point is , i am going to be painting a design on my signal lights which are separate from my headlights so i have a totally clean slate to work with. I need some good paints that are high heat so they can withstand heat from the lights and also the blazing heat from the sun (also my car is black so i will be using black paint and black is known to get a lot hotter than other colours because it absorbs the sun unlike white which reflects it). It needs to be able to stick well to plastic and not flake off from extreme hots (from the sun [it gets very hot in the summer]) or colds from the temperature in the winter here in canada or for any other reason..

Please give me some answers.. thanks
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