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Old 06-20-2004, 12:27 AM   #1
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need help with my choice

I dont know if this post will get lengthy if it does, thanks for taking the time to read.. If it doesn't, thanks for taking the time to read it anyways.

Over the past couple weeks, some of you will know, I've been under the excited impression I'm getting a BMW z3. But it turns out that the insurance company will not insure it as a company car. Insurance for myself would be outstanding (around $650/mo) which would quickly catch up to buying the car before long again in insurance alone. So this idea might be out.

For those of you who read my backstory in the other forums, my bronco is sold and I am now looking for a brand and model to look at. My car knowledge is nothing to brag about. I'll toss up a list of what I've been thinking of since I got the bad insurance news:

Mazda 6 - how old can I go with it still being as cool as the new one? Does it fall under "sport" for insurance?
VW Golf/GTI - What is the diference between these two, and do either fall under the "sport" category for the assholes at my insurance company?
BMW 3-- : I do not know what models to look at, in the price range around and below 15k what should I look for.
Lancer OZ Rally - What years are good, anything I should know about it? How much $ would it take to make look good and run stronger?

and all the regular ricers: integra, prelude, civic - are these under sport category and what should I look for.

I'm sure this question has popped up a hundred times but I need it answered, if any of you have the knowledge and the time to help me out. Just in case of, and I'm sure alot of you guys that are reading this dont know. I'm 17, I'm paying for this car (mostly). Budget around 15k initially but I have money to spend. I'm not racing, but the highways around here are fast, and I want a cool looking car that is generally quick. (that last one if for mooning the people behind me)

edit: I thought this was implied but if not, please reccomend any cars that come to mind.

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Old 06-20-2004, 01:59 AM   #2
El del Supra
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being the very nice guy i am.... ill keep it simple... say NO to Hondas, say NO to hyundais, say NO to daewoos, say NO to Yugos (YES to Geos! :P), and say a complete YES to Supras!! BHWUAHHAHAHA!!!!

oh n say no to DSMer as soon as he suggests the Evo or any type of lancer :P. hes a goody 2 shoes kid, he doesnt know wat he talks about when he suggests the evo. mitsubishi = bad :P

seriously though, besides the Supra (:P), i would go with a Nissan, or the M3 (cant be the new ones though, as they wont be in ur price range).

Supra: To surpass or go beyond.
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Old 06-20-2004, 03:41 AM   #3
Obsessed with imports
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For 15-16k, you can get a brand new Mazda Mazda3. The car has plenty of punch. See here

VW Golf/GTI is also a good choice, but you'll have to get slightly used.

OZ is not too bad, but it'll always be a Evolution wannabe, dunno if you can live with that. I personally dont like mitsubishi, but the OZ is not bad for its price.

Integra and Prelude are excellent cars and you can get them fairly cheap (lower teens at most). The lude has 200 hp w/ excellent handling. Its def a sports car, but its a honda so i dunno how that'll work with your insurance. (this is the one honda exception, everything else, follow inygknoks advice, if you can find a supra )

The final possibility is a GC8 impreza. Their are very light and very very attractive imo.(and possibly a poor man's WRX) I dont want to appear biased to ill leave the rest to you.

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