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Camaro is Back in Comission

Hey Guys so the camaro is back up and running.

I put a cam in this motor to tide me over until I take the stock motor and build it up.

For a while I was really wondering if it was worth it to spend all the damn money on a motor that was gonna get removed afterwards but now that im done it was well worth it.

I went with a pretty big cam but surprisingly its rather docile. You notice it alot at part throttle going all the way through a gear. She comes on REAL hard at about 3500. But makes plenty of midrange and bottom end, plus I dont get any cam surge unless im lugging her at less than 1500, which I didnt do even before the cam swap.

It is still unknown how it affected the mileage but Im about the fill up and Ill let you know.

I really love the powerband now. Way more smooth and linear.

When she was just boltons a took a buddy for a spin and got it to dead hook from a 2nd gear roll and if I may quote him "it was violent". It used to have a ton of bottem end and kinda peter off up top, so It would hit rear hard then kinda trail off. Well now she still hits hard from a roll but really gathers steam up top. She pulls real hard all the way to 6800. Im still getting used to the tach moving so fast about 4K but Ill get it afteranother week or so.

Oh and apparently I have developed the dreaded intake manifodl leak, eh whatever, next time I have 2 days off in a row Ill pull it off and redo it. No biggie really.

Next plans are to finsih up the interior (im gonna order the carpet and new seats friday) get the A/C put back in saturday and try and locate some ebony door panels this weekend.
Then body work, gonna go with an SS spoiler, harwood wide cowl hood, and have her repainted black (no stripes)
Then wheels. Ive decided to do away with the 17s and go to 18" chrome Z0s with a 9.5 out front and a 10.5 out back.

Ive got a little suspension to get sorted out and Ill be buildign the new motor in small increments along the way.
Heres kinda what im goin for. Still cant decide between black or chrome on the wheels

And this is the hood.
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