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Remember kids: Maintenance before Mods

On my way to the bank yesterday I did a pull, as I'm going for 3rd I smell rubber and think "funny, I can't roast tires in 3rd". Get to the bank, pop the hood, and don't ya know it. Alternator belt (which as I know now also drives the water pump) is scattered all over the bay and wrapped on my intake, tie rods, PS belt, sway bar, etc. Mind you this is the belt I've been meaning to replace for about a month now and had a new one in my trunk. Driving to the mechanic not really watching my gauges, get there and pop my hood, coolant EVERYWHERE, even bubbling in the reservour. Get in the car, turn the key, temp needle is pinned to hot.

Luckily the mechanic wasn't a long drive away from the bank and I didn't have any problems. Ended up paying $40 to put the new belt on (which took them nearly an hour to do because of how the tension from the belts is relieved), topped off my coolant, and was on my way. Temp needle stays where it should and I'm not getting smoke from the exhaust so I think the HG made it out from this disaster fine.

Moral of the story: Maintenance before mods, I feel like a class A idiot.
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