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My life

Well i've decided to tell everyone about my life. This is to show that i am not a "little kid". This is to show that i dont simply have one point of view that i blindly follow. This is to show who i am. My name is Vicente Martinez Jr, for those of you that aren't geniuses i am hispanic. My mother is Dominican and my father is Cuban. They are both immigrants to this country. In Cuba life is different than it is here. My father was a teacher and then a professional singer in Cuba. He made more money than the average man (he even used to tell me stories about how he'd have college girls over one after another) and he was very popular. He was then forced to join the Cuban army. How he escaped? He faked his own insanity then jumped in the hull of a boat which brought him to America. He then spent a couple years trying to survive. He told me that @ times he slept on the benches at churches at night. He had to do whatever he could to live. But he was a strong man he never ate out of the garbage. He never once was a bum. He then moved here to Chicago. He got a job that paid 13.50 an hour when he started. He worked there 11 years. My mother also had a difficult life. She lived with her aunt while my grandmother came to America to secure a house be4 she brought her children over. My mother was the oldest of the children so she was the slave. She had to wake up @ 4 in the morning to do laundry (a bucket and rags with soap on them) then had to prepare food for the family. If she did not do this she would not be allowed to go to school that day (in other less fortunate countries it is considered very fun to go to school). She had to cater to the family's every whim @ the age of what? 10-15! She then grew up and had two children with this guy George. They are my half brother and sister. He ended up beating all 3 of them until day my mom was making his favorite...fried chicken and french fries, then took the pan of scalding oil and dumped it on him grabbed a bat and treatened to kill him if he ever touched her children again. He left. She then moved 2 days later here to America. she worked @ the same factory as my father and thats how they met. They were together 13 years and gave birth to me. But my father's and mother's life were too different to stay together. She wanted to live in a subarb and my dad as a singer wanted to live in the city. They seperated when i was 6. My mother then supported all 3 of us. My sister had to care for us while my mom worked. But getting beaten as a child took its toll on my sister and brother. They being 9 and 6 years older than me decided to start smoking weed. When i was 7 my brother told me to take my first hit. Then began my life as a pothead. My sister stopped taking as much care of me as she wanted to go out and have fun. My brother was back and forth in juvenile and group homes. I was in school too young to realize what was going on. However i soon grew up as i had to raise myself. My father always loved me, but he was never there. He wasn't yet ready to be a father. Even at the age of 43. There was one really bad night that my mom was smaking the shit out of my brother. I grabbed her arm and when she jerked back she broke my nose. Its kinda funny cause that brought us 4 together for probably the first time in months. One thing we always had was love. We weren't exactly the model family but we always loved each other. My injury just brought it back. As we grew up my mother was VERY strict (i guess working 14 hour dayss does that to a person). She grew up in a country that was very different than here in the US. If she ran away she'd be grabbed by the neighbor, beaten, then returned home where she'd be beaten again. So she raised us the same way she was raised. She never took any disrespect. I cant say that noone else has the same kind of life that i have. But what i can say is that nobody in this world will categorize me as some goddamn stuckup kid that has no respect for his elders and stubbornly supports his view. Cause if i did that growing up i wasn't smaked like in any elder's past here. Nope, i was grabbed thrown in my room told to get naked then hit with an extension cord for a couple minutes. I had nothing but respect. But i dont want anyone to misinterpret my family. I stopped smoking when i was 12 (that means i smoked on a daily basis for 5 years). My sister and brother wouldn't let me anymore. I stayed in school though my sister a straight A student dropped out 3 months before graduation to prove a point to my mom. My brother dropped out his sophmore year. We are still surviving however. We are damn near a family of geniuses. My sister always deemed the slowest one is brighter than most people i know. My brother the one that u'd all think is a nobody is the smartest person i have ever met (including myself). For a drop out that stole cars for fun he took the ASVAB (armed services vocational aptitude battery) and scored a 95. Out of 99. Oh yeah, most people get a 46. He had the opportunity to skip grades on multiple occasions. Myself? I only got a 88. I'm not a good kid either though. If anyone can find it online. I was arrested on March 7, 2004 for fleeing and evading an officer, possesion of a controlled substance, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, and unlawful use of a weapon. Check the Chicago police blotter. I was confused in life and wanted to make some money. The life i was thinking of living consisted of making about $2,000 a day selling drugs. Yes people it is extremely easy to do make that much. But i changed my mind. I decided to go back to school and work on making good money. Now i am going to go to the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Datona Beach, Florida. My father recently told me that he knew that he didn't need to care for me. He told me that he knew i would make it and my father remains the greatest influence in my life. He is by far the wisest man i know. He is where i get my psychology from. He knows things that people generally dont know. He could meet you and 3 days later know every one of your deepest secrets that u've held from your best friends for years. This thread has no point. All i want to be known is that i am not an ignorant child, and i do not like being called so. If you really want to meet the kind of person i am then you can call me or meet me in person. I've been through things that people 3 times my age still have yet to experience. I know what it is to worry about bills, and wonder what will become of kids, if they'll turn out fine. If they're being raised the right way. What i dont know about is how it must be to live a life that allows you to become a 40 year old man that uses the computer. I wish my mother had the time to figure out how to operate one. She does not have that freedom. I cant imagine what it is like to live your life so dont assume that because you have once been young that you know what it is like to have lived mine. My life is completely different. This is not a disscusion this is a story of my past so to debate what i am saying is ignorant. To post something stupid is ignorant. To not understand that what i am saying is completely serious is ignorant.

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