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Old 03-04-2004, 08:48 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by cmeseadoin
Well it is about time someone (bavarian) showing a little intelligence in a response to my posting. Vassar and enron_fever, the both of you can suck my C**k. I could care-the-hell-less what you think. You're obviously in that "let's dumb everything down to the lowest common denominator" factor that BREADS in America. Bavarian, HIGH FIVE to you...... if you're in the left lane and holding people up, YOU'RE the one that is the dumbass in the equation, not me. Did you ever stop to think, oh wait, you're incapable of that, that perhaps if assholes like VASSAR and ENRON_FEVER were not out there with their thumb up their assholes while driving, I would not have to drive aggressively to get somewhere? Who's the discourteous ones now you worth sacks of money SH8T with no brains? Fabulous thoughts from such rocket scientists....

OH and if you want to come the 2 hours to Richmond, I'll tell where to come to and we can find out who can drive their cars more aggressively. YOU run ME off the road???? What do you drive that you think you've got a prayer in hell? You don't know jack about cars and you certainld have ZERO intelligence with a posting as per what I just read. Come on down here, I am DYING for that opportunity. I guarantee you want war, I'll give you more war than you can handle. After which I will finish you off. F you and your mother for coming into our forum and thinking you will get away with that crap...... Do all of us a favor and kill yourselves as the world would prosper from it. You people that are the dumb scum out there without an f'n clue in the world when behind the wheel or anywhere else...AND DUMB enough to post what you just did make me SICK! You're the reason why this country thrives on stupid. I'll be waiting for you buddy cuz I could CARELESS about lives of people like you. Come get your run for the money you POS!

So, we are the assholes because we actually care about other peoples lives? I like how you think. Especially the fact that you think driving fast makes driving fun. There is no reason for anyone to have to drive aggressively to get somewhere and hopefully you will wreck your precious aggressive car. Yes, I know jack shit about cars because you read one post, etard.

We are both pointless scum because we came to YOUR forum and told you how #$%#ing stupid you are for driving like an idiot? Dude, grow up. You just showed your age by your long-ass flame post.

You're like 15 and you're proving that to us. Thank you.

Not to mention, please dear God, spend an extra 20 seconds typing everything out instead of using this Internet slang bull#$%#.
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