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Do car companies visit forums to market their cars?

Obviously everyone here knows about the infamous situation:

Poster with one post says:

hi, I'm lookking into getting new headers 4 my car, i don't really know much about them, but my friend got some from XXHeaders, and he said they r amazing....he's had an increase of 40-60 HP, and it sounds goodt oo! They have a lifetime warranty and r made from imported stainless steel.Heres teh site: can someone check them out and let me know what they think?

Then there might be a few replies saying they're really good, also from posters with one post.


Now my questions here actual car manufacturers lower themselves to this level? I see a lot of posts here with the same BS, websites, bad fake internet talk, and single post users who try to promote certain new cars. People tend to take them more seriously, but I think that its bullshit. I wouldnt be surprised if GM's marketing division has dedicated employees scouring forums, and user review sites just to fake an unbiased opinion, for the worried consumer.

This is the thread that sparked this:

Originally Posted by pizztank
Hi, I am looking at the Cobalt , seems to be well liked by most auto reviewers, how about car-forum? I want a cheap dependable vehicle that is easy on gas, the Toyota and Hondas are nice but expensive,opinions welcome. I now drive a 1995 GrandAm,3.1 V6,was a nice car but at 202000Km it is time to retire it, ride is rough and repairs frequent.

This guy has two posts, mentions he's interested in a car, compliments it.

Originally Posted by thunderbird1100
I'd look into a slightly used (02-03) Civic EX or Acura EL. The Cobalt seems to be just a re-bodied Cavalier (not saying it is, just FEELS that way) with the same poor interior and engine that doesnt seem to be excellent on reliability nor have great gas mileage compared to the Corolla or Civic. Plus you know the Civic/EL will be short on shop visits

thunderbird replies with something more sensible.

Originally Posted by duffman200
ur kidding me the engine is so awesome the 2.2 ecotec is one of the best motors ever made i mean its got computer controlled valve timing and u can get it im not sure if its turbo or super but i was surprised to hear they were doing it with the ecotec the engine is bullet proof im just wondering if it will be having the same old gasket problems nice car

duffman200, also with two posts, again compliments the car, with poor grammar, also throws in an emoticon (a favorite of forum advertisers).

Ok, so after all of that, does anyone have any inside information of this, because I would just love to hear about it...
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