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Originally Posted by SuperJew that the ball is in my court....

look logic us jews are very MOST cases. first you spew your bullshit, and then you say "oh it was all in good fun" see here?

re-read your original post and get back to me on that hyposcrisy. the two things i detest most in people are ignorance and hypocrisy. you have displayed both - for those reaons there will be no forgiveness. my ultamatum: leave the forums and publicly announce it, no harm no foul by, eh, well say next week, or you shall be banned. are we clear?

OKAY........i find it amusing how u two try to get rid of by abusing the jurisdiction of this forum. I will be more than glad to announce my "retirement" to the public. Just to let you know ,realisticlly and concerning your age superjew! i dont think you have the GUTS to say out loud to a person in real life proudly declaring hes a jew(I AM NOT OPPOSING HIS RELIGION). By sharing your feelings in this family figure forum which gives you confidence within u and a sense of relief that atleast a few people cares seems to make u more sarcastic I am basically saying that i was just being REAL with you

vwHOBO your a old man with a really cranky attitude. I dont know if your actually like that in real life but i hope that your
childrens are not Im going to give u one final advice, your approaching death slowly everyday, dont waste it on dissing and making a person feel bad with your slow typing skills on this forum do something that is meaningful, some thing you can contribute to real life that can help others.

So vwHOBO i guess theres no room to fit for another ASSHOLE in this forum.

Unfortunately this will be my last post and ill be leaving.
But ill be visiting occasionally just to gain some knowledge on some topics on cars but if i cant access to the forum i guess ill have to use my "other" computer(Sarcasim) . Dont worry ill just be looking into threads without you noticing its me
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