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Originally Posted by speeder
When did this problem start? Did you make some adjustments to your monitor or messed around with the power settings? What monitor are you running?

problem started like a month ago and slowly progressed into a bigger problem. No adjustments were made to my monitor or power settings. Monitor is a hyundai.

A lesson to all of you, leaving your screen on all the time will ruin your screen. That's why there are things call "screensavers". Did you think it was just a cleaver name? It's very very very bad to leave your monitor on all the time with a still image on it. You don't even need to use a screensaver, turn the monitor off or put it on power save mode.

My family does run a screensaver and this is where the problem began. As the screensaver stayed on the screen soon turned to just black. When the screen recharged it just scrambled and would go back to normal, but now it stopped giong back to normal and just remains scrambled

check the monitors physical settings....the convergences....

just checked and its running at 70hertz

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