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Old 12-04-2005, 09:42 PM   #196
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Originally Posted by dodger65
well, the "ulgy" still needs to be fixed....

Just trying to point out this probably isn't the best thread to try and prove the point...
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Hello Everyone,

On July 28, 2004, I wrote a small article about a car, which I dearly love. I merely put into words my feelings for a wonderful little vehicle which is well made, and an extreme joy to drive. The article was not meant to inflame or pretend the Miata was the greatest car ever built. It was just my thoughts and feelings based on my experience with the car. I had hoped it would spur others to share their stories. The article was not based on any magazines, or stories I have been told, but are actual events I have seen or have done with this car.

One thing to clear up. The Miata 1.6L engine, started as a turbo truck engine. That engineering was carried over to the 1.6L and the 1.8L engines. This little engine will take 30 PSI, yes 30 PSI and still run for 100k miles. You can find Stage IV Miatas all over the web.

For those of you who enjoyed it, I thank you. This site is to help further knowledge. I, for one, shall continue to try to help in that cause. I don't know everything, but there are very knowledgeable people on this board who will help keep me on track, and. I shall welcome their input.

The Miata is not a primary family car. If you have four kids and a honey Tons-of-fun for a wife, "Don't buy a Miata." But if you have extra money to spend (old people) and you love the thrill of a roller coaster (some old people), then it is the car for you. Keep in mind, those old people could all have a Porshe 911 or a BMW if they wanted. They donít have house payments, and their kids are through college and theyíre at the point in their lives where they are making their highest salary and they pay cash for their cars, so what do they know that you haven't learned yet.

Jay Leno stated, "How about the TR3? I mean, Mazda's Miata has come as close as anyone can to recreating the famous old MG's, but there's obviously an interest in these types of cars. The unfortunate thing about the Miata is that many people refer to it as a girl's car, which is an image-killing moniker to have stuck to your car, especially if you're a guy driving that car.

Collin Chapman used to say, "You build a car, then add lightness," and that's a really great thing to say and do. Mazda did it with the Miata, as did MG and Triumph with the TR3. But we Americans seem to associate light cars with femininity, which is absolutely silly.

The Lotus Elan is about as light a car as you're going to get, they take out Mustangs and Corvettes on the circuits, but most people under the age of 35 don't understand the notion of a lightweight car, so they make fun of it."

One of Jay's favorite cars to drive is the MX5 Miata. Just google "Jay Leno's Miata" to read the whole story. I have never heard Jay put down any car.

Paul Newman is still running around the track at 150+MPH at 80 years of age, and having fun. Heís quitting this year. That takes nerve and skill, it has nothing to do with age.

At the 2001 Rolex 24 Hour:

Miata 2:14.3 seconds
Mazda RX-7, 2:14.532
Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, 2:18.219
Lola B2K-10/Ford, 2:19.325
Pilbeam/Nissan, 2:29.955
Chevrolet Corvette, 3:47.490
Saleen S7R DNQ
Chevrolet Camaro DNQ
Porsche 911 Turbo DNQ
Chevrolet Camaro DNQ
Ferrari 355 DNQ
Lola B2K-10/Porsche DNQ
Chevrolet Corvette DNQ
Pilbeam/Nissan DNQ
Chevrolet Camaro DNQ
Porsche 911 GT3R DNQ
Porsche 911 GT1 DNQ
DNQ (did not qualify)

Not bad for their first year of racing, and only 30 seconds behind the lead car. See you can have a $150,000 car and still get beat by a Miata.

Those of us here at CF, just love cars, all cars, even yours. If you do too, then you have found a home. You will be welcomed with open arms.

For those who found fault, I feel sorry that your lives are so miserable.
I wrote this with the younger reader in mind, to present to them the joys which they could look forward to. Those of you who found fault, I am sorry your life is over, and YOU have no pleasures left to find. That great automobile you now own, will not be your last, and the next one you buy, in your eyes, will be the greatest car ever built. That is sad. You are welcomed to write an article about, your set of wheels, so we can decide which car is best. I donít have the market cornered on words. Feel free to use all you want. You are certainly smarter than me. I graduated college in 1963, with a C+. You hadnít even invented, SATís and that 4 dot 0 stuff. Whatever you do, do something besides, just bitch.

To the Mods:
It probably is time to lock this thread. I will always be proud you allowed it to go on this long.

Thank you all,

Robert Benchley (1889-1945) noted, "no matter how well-intended, any reply to a dumba$$ question will inevitably appear smarta$$ed"
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