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Old 08-07-2005, 04:21 AM   #16
CF Loafer
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Originally Posted by Legion5
bumpy mc bump
The reason you had to do that, was prbably coz you posted this in the wrong place......Look at this from my point of view....if you post something in the 'General Chat' section....regarding a specific car, you're reaching everyone....even people who hate Mercs.....If however, you post in the 'European Imports' section....You're appealing to people wanting to talk cars

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The Big Meaney
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Originally Posted by NISSANSPDR

Just b/c your Fiat is slower than a Miata doesnt mean anything. It looks better and it's Italian, so definitely have much pride in your ride. Plus it has a classic car feel to it that the Miata will probably never achieve.

Which was in fact the point of the Miata. There are certain classic car traits and feelings one really doesn't want... hehehehehe. But that's beside the point.

And as to only the top of the line cars/fastest cars in the lineup are the ones that will excite...they do benefit in many ways from better suspension, tire choices, gear ratios sometimes, transmissions, and of coruse performance. Is there anything wrong w/wanting that or looking for a good overall package?

What's wrong is telling someone else that what [i]they are looking at is, esentially stupid because it isn't the top of the line, or using hyperbole like "if it isn't the most powerful, fastest version of all models available in the price range or slightly above, you'll be bored to tears and completely unsatisfied."

The problem usually comes in saying things like "I'd spend the extra money (no matter how much extra it is) and get X instead of Y (yeah, and are YOU going to pay the extra over what they already want to spend? And if not why aren't you already driving a car that expensive?), or telling them that a car that doesn't appeal to them is the better buy and they are in essense stupid for not wanting it because YOU would prefer it.
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