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91 honda cooling fan problem

I HAVE A 91 HONDA ACCORD EX 2.2L and passenger side cooling fan is the only 1 that works. it works when air conditioning is turn on or off and engine is hot enough to call for it on. And kicks on after a couple minutes after i turn off engine . that part all seems to be fine. But trying to figure out why the driver side wont kick on. Do both post to run when air is on or air off and when hot enough to call for it? I Ohm test both thermo switches and get no reading but get volatage to both thermo swtches. unplug drivers side fan and connected it to battery and it works ,so i know the fan motor is good. so i don't know whats causing it. could it be the switch on front of motor that the top radaitor hose runs to or could it be the bottom hose that runs to the back of the motor. Or could it be something else. any suggestions will be much appricated. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is just a quick reply to your question as unfortunately I don't have the time right now to find out why that second fan doesn't kick on, but you're fine. I had a 1994 Honda Accord EX with virtually the same engine and cooling system setup, and it did the same thing.

I believe (this is just a vague recollection, I lost the car over a year ago) that it does have something to do with the operation of the air conditioning system.

Keep an eye on the coolant temp though.

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