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Question Driving habits: Which of these are bad?

1. Using the maximum tightness of your turning radius, as against doing wide turns all the time.

My car has a very tight turning radius, but sometimes when I see people almost intentionally go the long route, I wonder if they know something I don't about vehicle mechanics?


How about this one, it seems drivers around me on the highway get irritated when I won't let my car accelerate downhill or decelerate uphill. I heard keeping your speed constant is best for gas mileage and have been doing so since I started driving! However, sometimes I come across as an aggressive driver, because when you're going uphill and others are slowing down in front of you, you tend to get closer and closer to them. Or I could seem like I'm being a slowpoke just 'cos I let up the gas when going downhill. And they probably think they're normal because as far as they know, they're keeping constant pressure on the gas! Any thoughts?


The next one is taking your foot off the gas and letting the engine coast to a stop as against using the brakes.

Which one uses more power, and is it bad for your engine to have the sudden drop in RPM that comes when you suddenly take your foot off the gas, without following up by using the brakes? When getting off a highway, especially when the offramp is long enough, I will frequently get off at my highway speed, then let the engine coast all the way down to 30 or 40, before applying the brakes to stop. Is this bad for my car?


How about taking curves at your regular highway speed? Is this bad for any part of your car, and how much more quickly does it cause your tires to wear out?


Or how about using up all of the power in your car (or what seems like it), eg, highway speeds, having headlights on, radio blasting, wipers running, AC/Heater on, etc. Does something gotta give at some point? Or are you okay so long as your car is in top shape?

I'll add more as I remember, but I just seem to keep having these questions and finally got around to posting them!
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