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1988 chevrolet sprint, stalling without gas.

So, when i bought this car about a week ago i was told the stalling was 'on left turns sometimes' and when the engine was still warming up.
And that it was because he had set the idle high and i could just turn it back down. ( nothing like that helped really )
So, it got progressively worse, constantly dying ( but usually starting up again ) whenever i wasnt pressing the gas.
Awfully embarassing.. and frustrating..
the prev owner stopped by and i had him look at it, an he pulled some hose out from behind the engine, which he said helped his other car which was havin problems and adjusted the idle.. no difference.
Soon, the engine was having terrible 'dragging' and became very hard to start it up in the mornin, and huge clouds of blue smoke everywhere when it did.
Oh, and all the time, theres this 'pop! popopop! ' that seems to come out the muffler...
So i took it to an auto shop, who did nothing, but waste my time and tell me some bad news.
They might of just not wanted to deal with it, when i called them back ( after hours past when they said they would be done lookin at it )
He said "Your going to have to go to a dealer, we can't service your carburetor here. "
I called some dealers nearby, they told me they dont either.
When i went and picked up the car, the guy referred to the car as a suzuki ( which yeah, is the engine ) and asked me if i knew it was only a 3 cyclinder. Then told me it was a 1200$ carb and that i should not waste any money in diagnosing the problem as it would cost more than the car, and to just put a down payment on another car instead.
They charged me nothing, but thats possibly cause they did nothing.

I've been going over troubleshooting steps on the net, but before i start trying to fix it i wanna know if im just wastin time..

The things im thinking to try: Replacing fuel filter, seems like a good possibility..

Check out the PCV system, and the ac doesnt work, and i feel like ive been inhaling toxic vapors from somewhere.. so, im gonna check the cabin air filter i guess...

What should i do? Attempt repairs or what?
Thanks, Jay
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