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Old 03-28-2005, 03:10 AM   #1
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Post Need info ASAP about Talon & Eclipse

I wanted to know the exact differences between an Eagle Talon & Mitsubishi Eclipse 2g. What is prominent when u see the cars is the tail lights & rear bumper. But this is the case with the 95-96 models. The 97-99 Models are completely different from each other when it comes to comparing them visually.

- Now that was my observation but what the question really is that do the 2 cars have the same things put under the hood or is there a big difference in their technology & parts??

- The second thing is if they have the same parts then the Eclipse perfomance parts should fit the Talon.

- My budget is only permitting me to buy an ESi . The prices for the base model Talon range from $4500-$13000 CAD. The eclipse base model starts from $11000-20000 CAD. So im left with the choice of FWD 140HP Talon. I might even end up with an automatic the way things are going.

- I'm basically interested in the Exterior/Interior Upgrades bcoz i never got to do this stuff previously. In the perfomance upgrades i might add up an Intake & an exhaust & header & bla bla bla. Can the 95-96 Eagle Talon front & rear ends be converted to a 97-99 Eclipse rear?? If this can be done does anybody have any idea how much it would cost??

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me out in this situation. I have one month to finalise my plans & make up my mind. I am a student too & work in the evenings so would an auto be a good option or a manual. I am basically a manual transmission enthusiast but i think an auto would be better suited for the present situatuion. What do u guys think??

Please let me know...Peace

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Old 03-28-2005, 06:17 PM   #2
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The Eclipse and Talon are exactly the same vehicle. If you remove the rear bumper and taillights, and remove the front bumper and headlights, they are visually identicle. The Talon has taillights that are wired slightly differently than the Eclipse, but everybody and their pet monkey converts the Talon to an Eclipse (which is retarded since the rear of the Talon is 25X sexier than the Eclipse, but in the car world, everybody's sheep and does what the other guy's doing). This is true for cars from 95-99 (95-98 for Talons). The 95-96 headlights are only compatible with the 95-96 front bumper (Eclipse), and the 97-99 headlights are only compatible with the '97-99 front bumper (Eclipse). The '95-98 Talon Headlights are exactly the same as the '95-96 Eclipse headlights. To do a front end conversion or rear end conversion, all you need is all the parts from the same year range. I.E. if you're converting a '95-98 Talon to '97-99 Eclipse, all you need is the '97-99 Eclipse bumper and headlights, it's a bolt-on. Same goes for the taillights or sideskirts. The Talon taillight wiring harness is actually the correct harness if you want to use European Eclipse taillights on your car (just a thought, they're different than USDM taillights).

Also, the 98-99 Eclipse was available with an all black leather interior which was not available any other years or in Talons at all.

The only difference between the cars is visual. Mechanically they are identicle, any performance part that will fit an Eclipse will fit the same model Talon. I actually really wanted a Talon when I got my Eclipse (since I'll be converting the rear end to a Talon anyway), but this Eclipse had everything I wanted. But, the Eclipse costs more for the vehicle (remember that thing I said about sheep... it drives the price up for the more popular car), plus the Eclipse costs $200 more per year for insurance (I have a perfect driving record).

You can find an in depth answer to every question you have at either of these two websites:

Now, everybody and their purple monkey has asked the questions you're going to ask. So, your question has been asked and answered exactly 1,345,178,237 times, do a search on one of the websites and all will be answered.

Welcome to the DSM community
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Old 03-29-2005, 06:16 AM   #3
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Thanx alot

Hey thanx alot Bino.Your reply really helped me understand the difference & yeah the sheep thing is 100% correct not to mention the article was 100% to the point. I would have been in the Dsm club if i had shifted to Canada earlier. I did'nt know about the Talon before shifting to Canada but it is really attractive. Eclipse has been a real dreamcar for me bcoz i am a big Mitsu Fan & now a DSM fan. Once again thanx alot for the reply to all those questions.
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