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Old 04-02-2005, 02:22 AM   #1
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trouble with a 4.3l

Hello all,

I just ebuilt a 4.3l chevy motor (out of an 89 1/2 ton van) I got it all together and started it but am getting a knocking sound. I pulled the oil pan back off and rechecked the torque on the mains and rods everything is ok and the plastigauge said the clearances were allright. The timing is right on and I am getting stumped on this. I am going to pull the inspection plate from the tranny tommorrow and make sure the torque converter bolts are on there good, if that isn it I will pull the tranny and make sure the flywheel bolts are good. I am not a master mechanic but have never had this problem with a motor Ive rebuilt and was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions.

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lifters haven't pumped up yet?, i really have no ideai don't know what was done or not done, i know that when i did the timing chain cover and waterpump on my old ford truck 5.0L(Bitch of a job cuz the waterpump bolts ALWAYS break)i got er all back togatther after a couple of days and damn did it ever make a bad bad noise, i nearly crapped my pants, i knew it was a fubar motor so i fired it up and let er run, noise went away turned out to be a cracked exhaust manifold and some lifter noise forever after, anyway that motor is still on the road today, put another 60,000kms on it b4 i sold it, leaky nasty no power 302 sucked ass but wouldn't die.r0x0r
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Lightbulb likely issue

Because this engine was manufactured in both Tonowanda and Romulus engine plants, each has its own nuances that may result in a knocking/ticking noise that changes with RPM.

If you install Romulus connecting rod(s) on a Tonawanda crankshaft the result may be sounds that range from a ticking noise similar to a lifter to a knocking sound at idle like a crank with too much end play. The Romulus crankshaft can be easily identified both by the large casting lug on the No. 1 rod throw and connecting rod by the wider thrust face. Make the mistake of using the wrong part and you’ll have a D.O.
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