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Old 04-17-2004, 07:57 AM   #1
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cleaning throttle body on 92 ford taurus

can i and how? my haynes manual says nothing about this but ive read a few things online but i want some more opinions and how difficult this project will be. ive already done a outer cv joint boot job as a meter of what ive exposed myself to.
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spray throttle body cleaner on and in the throttle body. dont hesitate to use the whole can as required. The MAF sensor between the air cleaner and the throttle body could usually benefit from similar treatment.

Dont use carb cleaner in or around the throttle body - it will remove the Teflon coating from the internals of the throttle bodies Ford used in the early - mid 1990s

Is this causing the idle problem you were discussing yesterday? If is doesn't solve it, follow the instructions in Chapter 6 in your Haynes to get the trouble codes. People around here will gladly help - VWhobo is pretty good - I will try, cliffy and lectoid are prety active

Keep in mind the first things anyone around here will ask you is to do the following since certain fundamental things must be in order for the trouble codes to mean anything to fix the idle issue - Before we begin serious trouble shooting, I am looking for is the basic ignition and fuel system maintenance being up to date

1. Are the vacume hoses and PCV valve in good shape or do they need to be replaced (if they have been on the car since 1992, they probably need to be replaced)?
2. Have the plugs been changed recently (OEM plugs on 1992 cars are copper plugs with a 30K mile change interval)?
3. Are the plug wires in good shape (< 4000 ohms/ft, 20K ohms max resistance, no cracks in insulaton or boots)?
4. Checked for manifold leaks where the intake meets the block and the throttle body meets the intake, fuel injector O-rings, etc.) Spray carb cleaner around these areas and listen for changes in idle
5. Fuel filter been changed recently and installed with the flow arrow pointed towards the engine?
6. Charging system and battery in good shape (If we begin trouble shooting with the ECM diagnostics, many of the trouble codes are voltage based thus important the charging system and battery in good shape before we start)

If these things are in order, post back to this thread (I am not good at thread chasing) with the trouble codes you found after reading Chapter 6 in Haynes both KOEO and KOER conditions and well begin the process of elimination.

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