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Old 04-26-2005, 03:55 AM   #1
CF Newbie
Join Date: Apr 2005
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Dad just got a stick shift.

Yeah so my dad just got a stick shift, I have been waiting so long to try one of these and finally he gets a 2002 mitsu eclipse GT.I just turned 16 and hope to soon take my road test. So today I try and test it out. I first start off by going in the parking lot and basically my dad was teaching me to step on the brake then step on the clutch and then after let off the clutch and hit the gas. Which is basically the take off of a manual shift. So I kinda got that down after a couple times of it stalling on me but I eventually got decent at it. So next we hit the deserted road. I am driving and kinda getting the hang of it and then I go to the stop sign and brake and stop just fine. Then I go into first and am taking a left and my dad is like go into second, so my first reaction was to just shift it, so I shift it without pushing in the clutch (I forgot) and I just hear it rev out and I totally freak, I was like omg wtf is going on. My dad just sits and says push down the clutch as he just laughing his a$$ off cuz I got scared. Well I just wanted to tell people my first experience and I would like to know where you learned to drive.
So basically people, I was wondering where/how did you start off? and did you get the hang of it quick/how long did it take you? I only got to drive for about 20 mintues and im kinda scared to get back in and do it again, im afraid im gonna blow something lol.


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Old 04-26-2005, 04:40 AM   #2
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my first time driving stick was funny....

my sisters bf threw me the keys to his car.....94 ford probe gt 5 speed.

told me to go learn how to drive(16 at the time, just got my license)

of course, i live on a it was right on the highway.

end of story, i know how to drive stick, only took about 2 minutes...hardest part was always starting out. trick i learnt was to let off the clutch until the engine starts to catch and you start to move....then start pushing the gas in.

other trick i learnt was to go around a corner in neutral, and put it into 2nd coming out, usually works just fine(at least if you didnt have to stop).

another trick....for stopping....put the car into neutral and just coast up, using the brake.

another funny story... about 3 months ago, two years after i had last driven stick in a buddy needed to go get food(munchies...) so he didnt want to drive....i scared the shit out of him driving his car like a maniac(brand new honda civic reverb), like i always do. I guess his frame of mind didnt help him any...
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Old 04-26-2005, 05:43 AM   #3
CF Addict
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Location: Antelope, CA
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I learned to drive stick around Christmas last year. First time, did alright, didn't even stall much, just the take off was jerky and the car wasn't moving smoothly.

Next day was better, and I started driving it out on the street, not just around the neighborhood.

After that it just takes practice to get better, but once you get the hang of it, its easy.
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Old 04-26-2005, 07:23 AM   #4
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I've been driving auto for about 3 years, a couple of months ago I decided to buy a stick shift, so i got me a Mazda 323 5 speed. It was shaky at first, but I got the hang of it, and now i would never go back to auto. I just wish that damn car had power steering....reversing out of a spot while controlling clutch and revs, meanwhile wrenching on the steering wheel sucks ass.
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Old 04-26-2005, 07:51 AM   #5
CF Newbie
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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my dad kept trying to teach me stick on our crappy land rover. we'd go out into the desert and he'd be like "WATCH OUT FOR THAT ROCK! YOU'RE GOING TOO SLOW! NOW YOU'RE GOING TO FAST, SLOW DOWN A LITTLE!"

needless to say, i wasn't getting anywhere. so i asked my friend nathan to teach me on his car, and he insisted on making me drive on the roads. at one point i almost caused a 3-car collision, but he was completely cool the whole time. once he taught me, i got it pretty fast.

i am definitely never driving an automatic again.
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Old 04-26-2005, 02:12 PM   #6
The Big Meaney
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Location: People's Republic of Maryland
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I remember learning when i was 5 on my folks old renault 4CV. Then, when I was 14, I started practicing on their Pinto wagon with a 4 speed manual. my first car had a "3 on the tree" (3 speed manual with the shifter on teh steering column). But my first musclecar, right after, had an automatic, as did my first race car. Since then I've had dozens of manuals and automatics, from really good modern manuals, to really crappy musclecar manuals, and really sloppy old automatics, to built up performance automatics.

I've progressed well beyond the "look at me, I shifted" phase. occasionally a perfectly executed heel and toe downshift will put a smile on my face, but for the most part, it simply doesn't add anythig to the drive anymore. Even when driving fast, shifting is just something you have to do to keep the car in the right part of the powerband, but it has looong since ceased to be the "fun" portion of the drive. However, accelleration and cornering forces remain as fun as they were when I got my license 27 -odd years ago.
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Old 04-26-2005, 04:21 PM   #7
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My father taught me on his BMW when I was 16. We started out in a parking lot sunday morning, and eventually I went out onto the roads. I got a hang of it pretty quickly; no car I have owned has been an auto yet, will probably be a long time before I ever consider getting one.
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