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Old 07-20-2005, 06:05 AM   #1
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'80 z28-Need engine performance info on 305, 327 and 400!

Well, i went out today to start the z28 up...ran pretty good, not the best. I decide to do normal routine matienence (checking oil/antifreeze/etc) and i notice water on the dipstick. I then get the compression tester out, and i have a leak on the #5 im ripping the 350 out.

Now here is where im a bit confused/in a jam, and i would LOVE to have you vets tell me whats best, for what i want the car for.

I have at my disposal, a 305 that runs extremely well, still in a caprice. I also have a 327 that i would need to rebuild, but the block/heads are in excellent shape (its just sit for a while). I also have a 400 in my garage that i paid 50$ for (guy was moving, had it in pieces in his garage.) The bad thing about the would take a nice budget to get it running again (at least i would think) I priced a good used 350 at local junkyards today, and found out they want anywhere from 500-750$ for one, and im not paying that when i have 2 engines i could rebuild for that price.

My plans for this car, is mainly to just impress people, and once in a while show it off. My biggest thing is, i want to blow the doors off of this '69 dodge dart with a 318 in it (the guy is just a total ass whipe, and i want to humiliate him.)

If you can, let me know the ups/downs of each engine, and if you estimate on how much it would cost to get the 400 running again. I do have everything to the 400, and i know that any sb chevy stuff will work with the 400. I also know that 400s have those steam holes in the heads, and alot of them get cracked heads, so im going to slap 327 heads on for a smaller comperssion chamber. This all depends on the cost to get the 400 running again.

305 i know is a good engine, ive just never seen one in a muscle car actually move...most ive seen are in camaro RS and alot of them are on the slow side. Main thing about this engine is im afraid that it will disappoint me when i want to go a little faster than normal

Ive been told that the 327 can be an excellent engine, but thats all ive been told. It came out of a 70ish full size blazer, and all i know is that it ran well, with one lifter ticking a bit. id love more info on these engines as well

Now the 400...i have seen them run, and i love them dearly. My uncle has a 55 belair with a 400, with the 327 heads on it (where i got the idea from) and 2 4 barrel will scream. My main problem with this engine atm is the price to get it running. like i said, its all in pieces in my garage, would need a complete rebuild kit, and my brother said something about balancing the crankshaft? (lost on that as well)

Anyways, i know thats alot of info, and bless anyone who actually reads it all...and thanks for your info you give me here, it will really help in my decision on what to do.

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Old 07-20-2005, 12:48 PM   #2
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I'm really confused. You keep talking about putting all kinds of fancy things on an engine and yet you seemed concerned about price. For all practical purposes it will cost the same to get any of your engines up to the task of high performance. No need bolting on high performance goodies on a wore out engine, so they all would need a rebuild. And if you want performance there is no substitute for cubic inches.

My recomendation is to rebuild the 400, use the 327 heads if you like, throw on a good 4bbl, and see how you like it. If you need more slowly add it as you can, but at least you have a solid fondation on which to build. A buddy of mine just built-up the top end of the engine in his 69 camaro only to blow out the bottom end. (and he doesn't driv it hard). Trust me if you try this with out a rebuild you may be the one humiliated, when you try to show up this guy and you throw a rod through you oil pan and leave an oil trail on the pavement.

This is just my
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Old 07-20-2005, 04:45 PM   #3
The Big Meaney
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If you're having a leak on the 350, it'll be about the same to rebuild as any of the others. the 305 would be a waste as even when in perfect condition, they were dogs, and woudl take more money to make fast than the 350 is NOW.

Personally, I'd drop the 400 crank in the 350 to make a 383. Serious torque monster. Use the 327 heads if they have the larger valves.

Doesn't sound like anything is seriously wrong with the 350, anyhow. Could be as simple as a $25 head gasket set.
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Old 07-21-2005, 12:58 AM   #4
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i agree with him. in my opinion the 350 is the way to go. theres alot more things you can do to it and for cheap money you can get them to haul ass. either rebuild the 350 as is. or put the 400 crank in it. but even the stock 350 rebuilt with the 327 heads and a nice 4 bbl and some full length headers should be enough to take that dart. unless hes pushing closer to 400. but even than his is heavier. and if you really wanna humiliate him piss in his gas tank hell be humiliated when hes driving around with a knock before his engine finaly dies
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Old 07-22-2005, 05:32 AM   #5
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Started new thread in repairs/matienence, i think i put this in wrong place...if mod reads this , please delete or lock it


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