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Old 02-13-2004, 04:39 AM   #1
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my thoughts, your opinions welcome

ok, so i'm going crazy again...
i'm unable to start school because of a SNAFU with my training (my next course is on a 6-8 month backorder, 5-7 month by now) and until i get that done, i'm not supposed to start classes (it would most likely mess me up anyways, start classes then have to stop to finish my training)

so i need opinions
i been thinking about Susie alot lately, i really didn't like how she was lookin while i was there
thinkin 'bout takin a little leave an gettin her up here, toss that 4-spd in there, finish the 8" rear-end an toss that under there (needs brakes, an that's another thought, 4-wheel discs?), get a loan an start the bodywork/paint stage as well....

maybe start minor mods to the truck, exhaust is about all i can really get into right now (i think), despite the fact that the muffler on there is relatively new...

i got enough mental stimulation to keep my head relatively healthy, but i need something physical to do...
my room-mate is comin back from the sandbox in a month...

there's another thing (last resort actually) in June they need someone to go TDY to MacDill (with the possibility of forward deploying from there), it's not my AEF cycle, but they are asking for volunteers (and yes, i do know that i'm not supposed to volunteer for anything)
only thing that bugs me about that route is that June is still 4 months off, plus by my current planning, for my 21st b-day i was gonna head home for two weeks (b-day = July 15th)

so, ummm... thoughts? opinions? anything?
I love going fast.... it's the crashing and burning that sucks

i wish i knew now what i will know in thirty years, that would be nice...

the 'net has warped my fragile little mind
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