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Old 07-31-2005, 01:47 AM   #1
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Please help! Car Legal Advice NEEDED!

Hey, a while back my moms car wasn't cooling, and we had the entire closed system of the air conditioner replaced at pep boys. It cost up to 950 dollars.

Well, a few months passed and we took it to a place we had never been to to get some freeon added. They added a pound of it they said. It was good for a day or two and completley stopped working.

We took it back to pep boys and told them about the problem, and they checked it out. They ended up telling us that everything they have done to the system has been ruined, and someone put way too much r132a in it. They said that the syetem had been overcharged way too much and the entire thing is destroyed. In their own words (stuff on work order) they said:

"NOTES TO CUSTOMER: When vehicle came into shop the A/C appeared to be tampered with. Customer stated they took vehicle to another shop (NOT PEP BOYS) and they put 1lb or more of fridgerant into system. System was way over charged. Appears to have damaged compressor or clogged with too much charge. Reccommend: evac and recharge. Compressor, reciever/drier, orifice tube, flush hose assembly, evaporator, and condenser."

How should we go about getting this other shop to reimburse us to get the system fixed at pep boys? How should I get the information needed to take this to court if I have to? What is the best way to handle it?

The shop has logos that they are ASE certified and they have the BBB (Better Business Bureau) logos too. I'm about to kill myself trying to handle this, WHAT CAN WE DO? This is texas and we're SOL if we can't get someone to pay for this A/C to be fixed. I figure this isn't our fault is some mechanic ****ed our shit up, and I need to know how to get them to reimburse us to get it fixed at pep boys.

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Well, as what I can see, you already have a statement from Pep Boys that the AC system was shot due to overcharging the Freon...

Do you have a receipt from the other station for the Freon they added?

If you do, then I would go straight to the BBB - they have some more strongarm power when it comes to making companies pay out when they screwed up, which the other shop did. All you'd really need to do is explain what happened, and have the proof to back it up(receipts). If the BBB can't make them pay out, then go to smail claims court and file a suit.
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Woah woah woah....before you go there....I would go back to the shop FIRST and show them the service notes from Pep Boys and see if they will do anything for you. Most issues can be resolved simply by speaking with the shop first. If you don't get properly reimbursed for the damage THEN go to the BBB. Again, make sure you have all your paperwork to backup these statements, otherwise you have no case.
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