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got some questions about my 1997 eable vision esi PLEASE HELP PLEASE!!!

Ok first of all to let some anger out thats a little better now to get to buisness. I have a 1997 eagle vision esi. I have took it around the block to show my freind that it is pretty strong. I went about 15 and floored it. It reved up a little and flew like hell! when i came back (this was at liek3 in teh morning at night) i heard a little noise comming out of the hood going sssssssssss i open the hood and dont see anything i heard th enoise comming out of the radiator. It was steam or some air comming out of a really small hole. I put a rag over it and pressed and it stopped. But like 3-5 minutes later it sopped making the ssssssssssssss sound on its own. i looked at how warm the engine was and it was a little too too hot. it was a little over center when the radiator is sopposed to stop cooling. The next day i found out there was almost no radiator fluid. I put in almost the whole bottle, there must of been a lot missing in teh radiator. I drove it pretty far to work and back that day and checked 2 times if it was leaking or overheating again. it wasent. And it doesent anymore. Does this mean i need a new radiator or was the sss sound just because there was no radiator fluid. Also could me flooring the car have anything to do with this? and does this mean i cannot give the car too much throttle anymore or the radiator will leak again? also one more question. my freind has a automatic transmission, and he switches gears sometimes from 1 to 2 and then to drive. he does this to get redline between the gears if hes racing someone on his side. Is this ok for the transmission because it seems to work well. If it is ok can someone tell me how to do it right so i dont ruin the transmission. THanks a lot for whoever helps me out really thank you!!! Im a newb im only 16 and i am not expirienced enough to know about cars and right know i am kindof panicking because i cant have my parents knowing about this. Thansk a lot!
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