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Old 09-20-2005, 07:10 PM   #1
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is it ignition control or fuel pump?

hi there i own a 2000 saturn sl-1 i have been experienceing some problems with starting and chugging with my car. it would always need more that one turn of the key to start it and i would get chugging when cornering. yesterday i put my car in park and turned it off. returned 10 minuets later and car would not start. raido and lights ect.all work. i tried jumping it that did not work. noticed my fuel gauge is not read my fuel levelfor it says i am empty but i just put gas into it. when i try to start it the starter sounds fine. i checked the fuel injector nozzle " the thing that looks like a tire stem" i pushed the pin and got no fuel. the reason i ask about the ignition module is because while trying to sart my car a passerby took a look and pulled one of my plug wires and pushed a screwdriver into it had my turn the key and said that it was mty ignition control module.
any ideas? how can i diagos this without taking to a shop?
help me please!
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why do you keep posting about the same topic. do you have spark?? when you turn the key to the run position, can you hear the fuel pump working?? we need to know these things in order to help you. what did the guy that help you say? did he say you had no spark?
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