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Old 03-10-2004, 10:32 PM   #46
I like pie.
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Originally Posted by enron fever
maybe they are just letting off the gas and clutching for a more "dramatic" effect to the total realism of these movies?

what realism?

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Old 03-11-2004, 12:22 AM   #47
enron fever
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Originally Posted by SuperJew
what realism? least they're shifting...
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Old 03-15-2004, 05:37 PM   #48
Tragic Thoughts
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I dont really think its that real in #2, They way over exagerated (I cant spell). No way they could jump the skyline and not break it. Fast and the Furious was a bit more real, But as soon as Vin Diesel left, It went downhill...
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Old 03-17-2004, 05:18 AM   #49
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Anyone see article in I think it was pos err, uh, sport compact? They did a comparison of all of the cars that were depicted in 2f2f. The last car in the article was actually the yenko repro that they used in the movie. They used rather negative terms to describe it, such as referring to a four barrel as a "massive fuel leak", and calling it's semi-elliptical rear suspension "state of the art in 1897" and saying it cornered like a brick with a .76 g on the skidpad because "all the weight is in the wrong spot", but had to admit that when it was new running low 12's on bias street tires with no suspension tuning was quite impressive and was even more impressve for today's standards. (i'm surprised the even knew what a bias tire was). they admitted that with a good set of tires and some time in the suspension shop the car was a 10 second ride without touching the motor. the article ended with while all the other cars may be more refined and more street friendly, they would rather have the Camaro over any of the other cars.

Just something to consider.

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Old 03-17-2004, 05:35 PM   #50
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Hehe, I would take a slow V6 Camaro without tires over most of that other crap... and yeah, seeing that Yenko come out like it did made me get up and leave, completely unrealistic. Wasted my $$ seeing that film... and the whole week after that you should have seen all the accidents around town from people thinking they were the next Vin Diesel (or however you spell his name)...
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