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97 cavalier HELP

I have a question, before I start yes I am a female. I need some assistance. I have a 97 cavalier and the check engine light has been on for awhile I took it to auto zone and they told me it was oxygen sensor, had it replaced and the light is still on and they said it was sensor still, so I assumed the test was bad. Anyway I went on Vacation and the car did great until we got closer to home and the mountains. The car start to miss real bad and the RPM's was fluttering up and down. The check engine light started to flash, we made it home and the car smelled of oil. I have drove it very little less than 5 miles since and when I go up hills the check engine light flashes and it hesitates pretty bad. Can anyone of you gentlemen or ladies that is auto smart give me any advice? Thanks in advance
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When you had the o2 sensor replaced, did they reset your light? If so and it came back on, take the car back to the shop and explain the issue. The flashing engine light could be the same problem or something completely different. Check out the explanation from VWHobo in this thread for more information on a blinking MIL (or check engine light).

Sorry forgot the link:
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well, i guess take it back to autozone, have them get the codes for you, write down the codes and description that they give you. ignore anything else they say in the way of diagnosis. if he knew his ass from ice cream, he wouldn't work at autozone... oh yeah. and post the codes here so we can tell you what's wrong w/ it...
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