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Went to the dragstrip again (pics)

Went again on saturday here are some pics

The first post only has 3 but then there is a post by RyRoRyan with about 20 pics or so on the first page.

Since you arent registered there you will have to click the links for the pics.

I hit a 14.552 @ 94.8mph. Beat my old time by 3 hundreths

I was out there all day, me and my friend gavin (the black silvia s14) were the first cars to run and I was the last car in the staging lanes when they closed them. :P

(and for the non believers you wil see a 03 mustang GT in the first pic....his best time of the day was a 15.4 and his best time ever wasa 14.6. And the other blue mustang he is running against in the second pic is another friend of mine his best time tha day was a 14.9 which also happened to be his best time ever.)

Im not sayin...Im just sayin.

I dont wanna turn this thread into a clusterfuck like the last one.

The black s14 has a disco potato (garrett GT28rs) and a black top sr20. His best run was a 14.3 on 15 PSI, his street PSI is 9 and his best with that setup was a 15.1

The silver z28 is rather close to stock(a lid and a cutout are his only mods), but with ET streets he is hitting a 13.6 @103-105 mph.

The red z28 is a stripper with a t56 tranny (phils silver one is an auto), a shit load of bolt-ons and nice big cam. His best on street tires was a 13.4, his best on Phils ET streets was a 13.1 @ 104. His car should be good for mid 12's on slicks, but he needs some practice driving in order to hit that.

The Orange FD3S is actually a chicks car, her name is candi, she is relativley hot, and her car runs a 13.1....What a deadly package When she was running stock boost she dyno'd at 300 whp, she hasn't dyno'd since she has dialled the boost up and didn't tell me what she is running now.

My brothers FD was there also (he dyno'd at 281 whp before he went non sequential) and his best time was a 15.5@96 mph.....


he needs some practice driving as well, he trapped higher then me but ran a full second slower, he was hitting 2.8 60's.... I tried to convince him to let me drive the car but he didnt let me....I know I woula been able to hit about a 13.8 at least if I got to drive his car.
1999 BMW ///M3

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