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94 escort lx help

Ok well my problem all starting out with cleaning the engine and parts are it via degreaser, silicon for tubes, and wd 40. After applying all of the those things i decided to spray the motor with the hose(i have done this before with previous cars with no problem. Well to make a long story short after sprayin it down my dad tells me to shut the hood and leave the car run and dry off. I have never done this way before I usually let it dry before ever starting it. So a couple minutes go by and I hear the engine shut off and im like wtf. So i go to start it and it turns over and but doesnt fire. So now im thinking maybe a sensor got wet or soemthing and its throwing off the sparkplugs or coil. After let it dry for a while the problem is still there. After many tests, one testing the timing of the spark plugs with my dads timing gun. Found that the 4th spark plug wasnt firing, but all the other were. After fixing gaps in plugs and rearranging the wiring nothing seems to be happening. So then we decide maybe the coil is bad or water damaged it and replace it. Being sure that this was the solution to the problem it wasn't. I replaced it and nothing changed. So i'm all out of ideas for now, can someone please help me.
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