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CF Loafer
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Probation Period

Ok, a while ago I put it to the other Mods that although we couldn't actually put members on probation in the way UFF (admin) could, whereby the member on probation is stated where the Forum leaders names are listed, and said member had a little Yellow & Black tag in their avater, we should put a note in such member's signature field stating that they are on probation, and for how long (dates to and from). Although there were a few problems about editing sigs (teathing problems), this will now become the first cause of action against troublesome members, unless obviously, they're trolls or such like, in which case, a ban will take imediate affect! The notice will take effect from as soon as you see it, and will be in the colour that you usually see our 'Mod notices' in (mine being turquoise), only slightly larger text. Hopefully a probation period will sufice as enough warning to any would be trouble makers.

Following are a few guidelines regarding Probation:
  • The amount of time a member serves on probation is at the individual Mods' descretion, and the offence(s) commited will be taking into consideration in the serving of this period.

  • No member is authorised to remove or edit a Probation notice from their sig for the duration of its affect, only Moderators or Administrators are allowed to do this, Any member taking such action will be banned without notice.

  • You will, at the Moderators' or Admins' descretion, be warned on one occasion before a Probation Period is enforced, this action is taken out of courtesy and is dependent on the serverity of the problems the member has caused.

  • If at any time during a members probation, said member continues to disrupt the Forum, they will more than likely find themselves banned without notice, the length of the ban, again, depends on the problems caused by the member in question.

  • The Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any given time, without notice.

  • Following a ban, said member might be put on Probation depending on the serverity of the ban he/she has just served, again, the length of the Probation Period is up to the enforcing Moderator or Administrator.
That's all I can think of for now, if anybody has any questions please feel free to post them here or PM one of us. Please also take note that we're not living in the 19th centry, and as such, will take anything into consideration, in the most leniant way possible, so as to maintain the pleasent atmosphere of CF. I'll stick this here for the time being, I'll clean it up and lock it in due cause, too!

Cheers guys!

Edit: Grrrrrr, CF logged me out during typing all that, thank God for the back space button, and Wordpad, lol

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