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Unhappy Loud squealing noise??

I'm a poor person with an 87 Chrysler LeBaron and it's had constant problems since this past summer. For a while now I've been fearing that the engine is running hotter than normal (normal being never above the half-way mark) and I don't want it to seriously overheat and destroy the entire car. So I've been running the heat this winter, which I read online helps keep it from overheating. Oh, I have no guages, that's why I don't know how hot the engine's running. The digital dash has been out since early in '06 and has only flickered on twice, only for a second, since. I know it would cost $3,000-5,000 to get the dash back on and there's just no way in hell I'm ever going to see that kind of money in my life. So I've been running the heat on high... It's fine starting out in the morning and can run for a few miles or so before the heater starts squealing. It's also fine sitting at a red light but squeals as soon as I start moving again. It's a loud, constant squeal until you turn the heat off. I read one page that said it's the heater fan on the side of the engine but I can't find that part online to know how much it would cost to replace. But I just found another page that says the heater core would have to come out to replace a blower motor, but I guess that is not the thing with the little fan on the side of the engine then. So which is it? The blower motor or the little fan on the side of the engine? I had the heater core replaced last winter and I think it was around $350 all together - parts & labor. The heat and A/C works perfectly though and has since getting that replaced. (They even charged up my A/C for free because I didn't have a working A/C when I bought the car.) But yeah I can't even get that much together if the heater core has to come out again. I'm poor and live in a small town where a car is EVERYTHING because it's your only option for transportation, especially when you're disabled and have to care for an elderly relative. So I need to know what's squealing and hopefully fix it because it's the only car I'll ever have in my life and there's no way in hell we'd survive without the use of this car.
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