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Old 01-31-2007, 10:51 PM   #91
CF Loafer
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Originally Posted by ChrisV
Like Rlls Royce, Jaguar, big engine BMW and MErcedes sedans? No, only the small engine stuff is.
Jaguar made a few manual versions of their cars, more so no, with the smaller ones (as you suggested). Mercedes manuals of old were rubbish, the shift was clonky and the throw was excessive. BMW on the other hand, make amazing manuals, and have always done so in my opinion!

Originally Posted by Bronxie
I just think of how it is in Europe. Even the gigantic mercedes buses are manuals
In the UK most buses these days are automatic, but older mini-buses were manual, mainly the Mercs that you suggest, and some older Ford Transit style buses too! Alot of old buses of all sizes were semi-automatic.

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All right, well, in FRANCE, all the buses were manuals.

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