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Looking for certain parts.

Ok after reading quite a few car reviews I would tend to agree with 2 problems my current car has, my current car is a Mustang GT in all black with all options.

Frankly the part quality is rather "cheep" espetialy the interior quality and some exterior parts.

Secondly while the handeling is passable, it is not great.

Taking these into account I'd be very interested to change this cheepness and lack of handeling, and being an artist and into racing kit cars a bit, I know I can do the modification and I know what would make it look good.

I'm also looking for suggdestions.

Now knowing nothing about suspention technology and only about suspention adjustments, such as toe caster tire types etc, I'd like some input on ways to improve the suspention in all weather conditions. A friend of mine says this is extremely difficult, but seriously the car uses LEAF SPRINGS. There is definitly room for improvment...

I don't want to fit 5 milimeter ultra ultra low profile tires and lower it 17 feet, but I want to improve the handeling in some way.

For any change I make I don't want to spen over 1000$ or so per alteration, but like I said I am no expert on suspention, what would improve all weather handeling?

As for the cheepness I know exactaly what I want to do.

I want to replace the rear healights which use bulbs, possibly the most antequated lighting technology, and cheep plastic light trim, with ones that use LED's and higher quality materials, like pretty much all other cars today. I want them to look as stock as possible.

Furthermore if there is a good headlight alternative, like the Saleen HID lights but perhapse half the price this could go in too. As you can tell however out of the two I am least pleased with the rear bulb lights.

Moving to the body and the interior, the plastic mirror housings annoy me, idealy they could be removed entierly and replace with metal body colored ones, I mean not even scions use plastic mirrors! I've searched the internet but all I could find was leather and carbon fiber bras as well as oval variations instead of the stock square design. Surely some one has made Mustang metal body colored mirrors?? Almost every car has this sort of option to begin with.

The interior my only gripe is the fake leather plastic drim and the plastic head unit, obviously the head unit could be easily swapped out, but what I want to do with the interior is replace the fake leather with real leather. Yet the only interior replacements I find are Rouche fake carbon fiber stick on plates!

eww. Surely some one has created a genuine part of the imitation.

As you can see I'm a big fan of the design but am simply not happy with the build quality, and I am going for a subtle improvment, because to be honest the concept coupe and the concept convertible interior were great, but I feel that mass market cost cutting took a lot away from it. This is a problem a lot of american manufacturers seem to have, espetialy seeing as I have no problem paying a premium if I am GETTING a premium .

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I'm not too sure about headlights on the rearend of a car, but the suspension can be modified from leaf to coil spring. However if you have a tight budget, you might like to do some homework on things like watts link and stabiliser/sway bar options and see if they apply to you.
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