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Old 03-02-2007, 12:20 AM   #1
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95 Lincoln Towncar problem

Hi. My car is in the shop and I would just like for someone who knows something about this to give me their opinion. My TC has had the 'check engine' light on for months...EGR, ERG or some such, they say $150 for that. Also, my heat and a/c were totally messed up and that turned out to be the 'blend door' motor or something like that. Total bill $650. So I retrieve my car and get home to discovere that now the blinkers and breaklights do not work. No problem I think, I'm sure they just did something while my dash was torn apart for the heat and air repair. So I take it back in last night and they just called and told me it is some electrical switch that controls the blinkers and break lights in the steering colume BUT totally unrelated to anything they worked on, therefore they didn't cause it and therefore another $250 bill. They were very nice and so sorry for me, but basically that is what they said. Is this coincidence realistic? Or am I being ripped off?

Just trying to solve this without calling my dh up at work and wailing to him.
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Old 03-05-2007, 09:03 PM   #2
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It is entirely possible that they may have inadvertantly damaged something under the dash of your car, it is also just as likely a complete coincidence. If the defective part is in the steering column, they were nowhere near that area during the repair of the blend door. Sometimes it just happens that way. I had a vehicle in the shop last summer that had a bad EGR valve and during the road test the fuel pump died. Most likely, a bummer of a coincidence. If you are still suspicious, get a second opinion from another shop.
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You know it amazes me how people will shell out a weekly pay packet on the say so of a mechanic, but spend hours choosing a similarly priced washing machine.... at least with the washing machine you can get it fixed under warranty.
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