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Old 03-29-2007, 07:06 AM   #1
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Scariest driving experience...

I was just thinking about an incident that happened to me a few years ago, and I had an idea: Post your scariest driving experience, whether it be a crash, near crash, police chase etc.


It was the morning, and I was heading to college in my 1989 Pontiac Sunbird GT Turbo. It was pouring rain, as if it ever isn't here in Vancouver. I was on the Barnet Highway, which is a 4 lane highway (2 each way) that weaves left and right, and goes up and down for about 15 minutes.

The road was soaked, with some huge puddles and a potential for major hydroplaning. My rear tires had no tread. I had no money at the time, and I hadn't had a potentially life threatening incident encourage me to be more responsible about tires...yet.

Worse, I was late, and in a hurry.

This particular 15 minutes of the drive features intersections with flashing green lights (meaning that they are only activated by pedestrians and rarely turn red), and a third lane that only appears at intersections (and I presume is meant for slow trucks to regain lost momentum without holding up cars).

So one of those lights turned red, and I pulled into the far right lane to bypass about 15 cars. The light turned green and I quickly pulled ahead. I gained quite a bit on the cars at the light and slowed my acceleration at about 90 km/h. I was being careful due to the rain, most drivers and myself will drive 120 km/h on a nice day when able to. I hit a long bend, maybe too fast, got a bit nervous, possibly had the biggest brain cramp I had ever had, and touched the brake.

Well, my rear wheels locked up....bad. I spun out at 90 km/h.

It all happened in slow motion. The back end of my car swung around the left side of me, as I realized I was out of control. I went sideways for a few seconds, still following the road. Then I began to face the wrong direction. I had started in the left lane, but was now approaching the barrier on the right side of the road (now my left). By some miracle, about a foot away from slamming myself into the concrete, my car spun back the other way. Basically what had just happened, reversed. I stopped facing the right side wall.

My heart pounding, my palms sweating, I managed to reverse from the wall, face forward, and go. I pulled off the nearest exit, stopped the car, and just sat there shaking, as the slew of cars I had left behind at the intersection caught up and passed me. It took me about 5 minutes to get going again...slowly.

Ironically, the small fact that got me into that situation saved me. The fact that I had pulled away so fast and left the traffic behind meant that I didn't have a single car around me when it happened. Which, during rush hour, is nearly impossible. And how I didn't hit the wall is another miracle. I went to college without a single scratch on the paint to show for it.

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thats pretty crazy, I can pretty much picture it happening too

ive only had my license for about 3 months and id say the worst thing that happened to me is I caught a patch of ice with one of my rear tires while braking (abs in long gone) and did a 180 in the middle of a regular street going maybe 45-50 kms but there isnt usually people around here everywhere anyway.

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Old 04-01-2007, 03:36 AM   #3
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I was in my brand new Celica GT - hadn't even made my first payment. It was raining, and the rain may have been turning to ice a little. I was in the left lane on Rt. 128 coming around a curve, when I saw a Pontiac Fiero stopped in the left lane. I braked, but could tell there was no way I was gonna stop in time, and was picturing myself going through the windshield on impact, while wishing I had my seatbelt on. Then the rear wheels started to slide out, and my car got slammed by a car in the lane next to mine. After that I felt one huge impact after another, bouncing my car back and forth like a ping-pong ball. When the car stopped I didn't move, expecting another impact. Then I heard a voice say, "Hey buddy, you allright?" and realized I was holding my head, which really hurt. I took my hand off expecting to see blood, but there wasn't any. Then I realized I was on the floor in the back, behind the passenger seat. When I got out there were 3 other cars, including a strectch limo, with damage. My car was destroyed - the rear end was squished, the front was mangled, the driver's side door had a huge dent, every body panel had damage, even the roof was bent. I think it was hit by every other car and bounced off the concrete median at least once. Two people were taken away in ambulances, but I was fine. No seatbelt, no airbags. I remeber the Toyota salesman telling me about the steel beams in the doors for safety, and the way the steering wheel had a knuckle and would collapse without pushing into the driver, and not caring. But, boy, did that passenger compartment maintain it's integrity while the rest of the car got demolished.

My best friend had bought a Celica GT the year before, totalled it, and bought A Celica GT-S. So, I bought a Celica GT-S, and NEVER drive without my seatbelt.
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Old 04-02-2007, 04:37 AM   #4
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So its April in Chicago, about six months after i bought my integra. Its a beautiful day out and i have a set of brand new rims and tires siting at home waiting to get mounted. The tires are Z rated tires and offer amazing grip in dry and wet conditions. However, they are near impossible to drive on snow... So thinking the snow is over for the year i decide to get them balalnced and put them on.

Fast Forward to 1 day later:
Temperature drops 30 degrees and it starts snowing out. It's not a big snowstorm only about 2 inches... Its about 7:30pm when i get a call from my buddy who lives about 10 miles north of me. He tells me he is having a party and wants me to come over. I first tell him no, but then quickly change my mind. As i am getting ready, i keep thinking of how these tires will drive on the freshly laid snow.

I step out of the house, and start driving on the small unpaved residential streets. I think to myself, "i should take the highway since its probably plowed. Driving on the streets towards the highway, the tires seemed to drive fine. Getting on the highway, i notice that the roads seemed to be plowed. I merge on the 4 lane highway ( 2 lanes each way) and start to head northbound. The car seems to drive ok, so my confidence in the tires seems to be going up. Up ahead i see a city truck putting salt on the road. I stay behind the truck for about 1 miles, when i get irritated of all the salt going under my car(rust) and all the salt hitting my car. (scrathes) I decide to pass the salt truck which was spraying salt in every direction. I change lanes, and hit the gas. For a second i couldn't see anything as tons of salt was hitting my windshield. Then as my windshield washers wiped the salt off, i saw open road. I sped up to about 45mph to catch up with the next pack of cars. The roads seemed to be cleans so i wasn't worried. As i approached teh pack i noticed a minivan going about 30mph while everyone was going 40mph. The van was up ahead in my lane so i decided i would go around it. The the unthinkable happened.

As i started to switch lanes, i drove on what was a small patch of black ice. My rear end kicked out to the right, to not go into a ditch i slightly turned the wheel to the right. The rear of the car sworved to the left this time. My car was fishtailing. The front end was now facing the minivan and going right for it. Not wanting to hit the minivan, i jerked the wheel to the left. The car sworved to the left again.

My view up ahead was oncoming traffic. The ditch that usually divides the highway had ended for a place for cars to make U turns. As i was applying the brakes and trying to steer to no effect, i thought i was going to go into oncoming traffic. My car was on a light angle to the left when i saw a speed limit sign ahead of me. My car had made its way up onto the center median which was all ice. It was as if i was sliding in an ice rink. Not knowing how sturdy the sign was i thought it would slice my car in half. Holding on to the wheel as hard as i could, i felt the impact of the sign hitting my car. Right after impact, my car had stopped.

I was sitting on the center median, shacking and holding on for my life. After about 30 seconds of sitting there, i decided to take a look at the damage. I got out of the car and couldn't really see any damage on my front bumper. I looked around for the sign and i found it laying under my car. I was happy the car didn;t seem to have damage, but i also knew i had to get out of there because someone else could slide into me.

I turned the car around to go back home and slowly cruised to the closest gas station. I pulled in, still not believing what had just happened. I jumped out of the car to take a close look at the bumper. Right in between the two pasenger side headlights. I saw a huge crack going all the way down to the lip of the bumper. You could see the yellow paint of the pole of sign on the cracks. I was mad. Then i sat down and though about what just happened. I then realized that the sign probably saved my life. If there was no sign there, i would most likely slide into oncoming traffic.
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Old 04-02-2007, 10:58 PM   #5
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I'm too lazy to post up any of my scary ones, so, i'll just link to something I have already wrote.
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Old 04-02-2007, 11:07 PM   #6
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Those stories were great...Got any more?
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Old 04-02-2007, 11:57 PM   #7
Who's house? Runs house.
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But of course.

however, I am lazy. I don't feel like typing out a long story.
1999 BMW ///M3
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Old 04-04-2007, 04:59 AM   #8
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do it anyway i like story like these XD
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Old 04-09-2007, 01:42 AM   #9
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what if im to lazy to click on your link, how am i goign to read your story

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