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eBay car SCAM userIDs CarriagesUnlimited06 or katehayden71

The vehicle I purchased has the following major issues.

• Advertised as Odyssey EXL, I was given an Odyssey EX
• Advertised as car without prior damage, I was give a car with massive prior damage
• Advertised as full warranty left on car, actually warranty does not cover items that were damaged or subsequent failure because of an accident.

On 4/10/07 I purchased this vehicle on eBay, item number 290102960152. In the subtitle and listing the vehicle is described as a 2006 Honda Odyssey EXL. This is stated in many places in the listing. When purchasing on eBay you are in a binding contract.

The listing also states:

All power equipment on this vehicle is in working order. This vehicle appears to be flawless with no known defects. This exterior has been pampered, and it shows! Interior in showroom condition. No burns on the seats and no smoke smell inside make this a great vehicle.



“No Dents or Dings
Clear and Free Title in hand
PERFECT CARFAX so Buy with confidence”

When you place a bid and win on eBay as I did you have entered a contract as follows:

“You are agreeing to a contract -- You will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. You are responsible for reading the full item listing, including the seller's instructions and accepted payment methods. Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item.
By bidding on this vehicle, you are agreeing to subject any feedback you may leave for the seller to Independent Feedback Review.”

The seller has committed fraud by knowingly listing information that was not true. In an attempt to increase the bid amount.

On April 14, 2007
I flew to Fort Lauderdale to pick up the car.
Gene River was the sales person. Gene and the car were located at:
2400 E. Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33308

The car was in a multi level secured packing lot. The lighting was very dim. I looked at the car but did not drive it.

Gene showed me around the car and when I started to question him about some paint over spray I noticed, he started a song and dance about how you can determine if any body parts had been replaced by showing me the stickers with the VIN on all of the panels around the car and told me that none of the panels had been changed and that this was the first thing he looks for when he received the car. Gene assured me that if the had any problems that they were still fully cover by the Honda Warranty.
Feeling reassured by Gene that the car fine and nothing was wrong with I paid for the car and drove it out of the lot.

With in a couple of minutes I adjusted the steering wheel. Then I noticed that 2 warning lights were on. The steering wheel was blocking my view of the lights. I immediately called Gene he said to take it to his Honda Dealer and that would be coved under warranty.
(later I find out it is not covered by the warranty because of prior damage)

I did not have time to do that I was picking my wife up at the Orlando airport. This car was a present for wife on our 17th anniversary. So I needed to drive to Orlando. The car seemed to run fine so I drove to Orlando.

Same Day 04-14-07:
On the way I stopped and looked closer at the car. When the car was outside and in the light I began to notice that the drivers door, passenger door, rear quarter panel, rear fender was painted differently than the rest of the car. I immediately called Gene about this and he said that sometimes they paint the car to cover up scratches and the car had not been in an accident.
While driving the car for a while I noticed something wrong with the right front brakes. The ABS seemed to go on when stopping. I thought it was probably because the ABS light was on.

2 days later my wife and I stopped at a Honda Dealer in northern Florida. I was suspicious about the car. The Honda Dealer ran the VIN number and told me that the car was and Odyssey EX and not the Odyssey EXL as stated in the listing when I purchase the car.

I call Gene as soon as I heard this and he said “it says EX on the CarFax report” and I reply “Did you send me the CarFax report?” which he did not. I trusted him and the listing that it had a clean CarFax report. To me this indicates that Gene new the Car was an EX and the listing was purposely misleading.

After some complaining on my part Gene offered to take the car back. I told him I would talk with my wife about it and get back to him.

The next day I called Gene and said we were bring the car back. Gene hesitated a bid and then said let me call you right back. Gene called back and said he would not take the back because all the paper work was correct. We had many conversations about the car and problems. The bottom line was Gene was not taking the car back.

After I got back home I took the car in to my local Honda Dealer to get the warning lights and the front brakes fixed. Gene had said all of this would cover under the warranty.

Couple of hours after I left the car with the dealer, the dealer called and started asking questions about the accident the car was involved in. I said I just purchased the car and that I was told “THE VEHICLE HAS A PERFECT CARFAX SO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!! “

The Honda dealer said that it appeared the car had been in a major accident and they had checked to see if it had a salvage title. But it did not. Honda dealer said that the driver’s door, passenger door, rear quarter panel, rear bumper had all been painted. That the front right wheel had taken damage and was partially repaired. But not repaired by an authorized Honda dealer. Because of the accident, the sensor and the other parts leading to failure of the sensor were not covered under the warranty. Also future problems with the car would not be covered if Honda determined it was a result of the accident. Like a lot of the car’s interior panels use clip on hooks to secure the panels to the car. There are a lot of broken clips, when the panels were removed to repair the car. All of these are not covered. I check on the price of one clip and it is $14.00 each plus tax.

I have looked closely at the car and have documented with pictures some of the problems or signs of repair that I can find. The Honda Dealer is correct you can plainly see repairs done to the front right wheel, brakes and suspension. And crash damage to the under carriage that was not repaired.

I have researched the eBay listings and found that Gene had sold the car, in listing number 290100271827, to another person which the sale fell through. Maybe you can find out who purchased the car in this transaction and determine why the sale did not complete. Maybe because it was an EX and not an EXL?

I thought I was purchasing a 2006 Honda Odyssey EXL 20,131 miles with out any prior damage. But I have received a 2006 Honda Odyssey EX that has been rebuilt to cover up the damages caused by an accident!

The following list the major areas of issues:

• EX and not EXL as described.
• Front windshield scratched in drivers view non repairable.
• ABS sensor bad. Not covered by warranty
• Front right Wheel bearing bad. Not covered by warranty
• Damage to the body under the car on the right, just hide the front door.
• Rear bumper needs replacement because of damage to clips
• Front grill needs to be replaced to attach license plate holder

• Drivers Door repaired/painted
• Left Passenger door repaired/painted
• Left quarter panel repaired/painted
• Rear bumper repaired/painted
• Right front door repaired/painted
• Right rear door repaired/painted
• Front right fender replaced
• Front left fender replaced
• Front bumper replaced
• Front license plate holder ripped off needs to be replaced.

Here is the list of specifications and features I thought I was purchasing because it was an EXL but did not receive because it is an EX.

• EPA Gas Mileage EX – 18/25 verses EXL 19/27
• Missing - Power Moon roof
• Leather trimmed Seats – I got aftermarket leather seats
• Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob – I got standard plastic
• Leather trimmed Door Panels and Arm rests – I got standard plastic
• Honda DVD Rear Entertainment System - I got an illegal front DVD system.
• Missing - Heated front Seats
• Engine Differences
o Torque - EX 240@5000 rpm – EXL 240@4500 rpm
o Value Train – EX 24-Value SOHC VTEC – EXL 24-Valvue SOHC i-VTEC
o Missing - Variable Cylinder Management (VCM)
o Missing - Active Control Engine Mount System (ACM)
o Missing - Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The difference in cost between an Odyssey EX and Odyssey EXL is about $4000.00

I have a few questions about this business.

• Do they have a valid business license?
• Are they authorized to do business in Fort Lauderdale?
• Who is Gene Rivers? I don’t believe this is his real name. But he does sign documents with this name. I spoke with Kevin Wait he says his name is Gene Rivernighter. Why doesn’t he use his real name?
• Who is Katie Hayden? This is the person who owns the eBay listing that I supposedly purchased the car from. This person does not seem to exist.
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I guess you learned to check with CarFax before buying then...

EDIT: Katehayden71 has a 100% feedback...Same with CarriagesUnlimited06, who's only sold 2 things...

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Wow, thats quite a situation there. I would have checked everything over first, and at least roadtested the car. You would have found all those problems had you done that. But still hopefully you can get your money back. Let us know how it turns out...
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