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Question uninsurance problem

ok, this is what happened to me last night and i am not too sure how to go about it, any help you post here would be massively appreciated
last night i decided to meet up with two of my friends, we are all 18 year-old drivers and we met up at a pub, we then drove to a place in which more of our friends were and one my driving friends was drinking, but me and my other friend did not drink, the drinking friend knew he was not in a fit sate to drive, so i decided to drop him and another friend home and leave his car where it was for the night
stupidly, i decided to drive his car to the other friends' house who lived close by, basically because it seemed like harmless fun on an empty road, as there were no cars about in the area this late, the second stupid thing i did was to drive a small way down a one way street to pull into a driveway to get back to my own car, but completely out of the blue a police car drove past and arrested me for ignoring the no entry sign, when this happens you get a fixed penalty warning of 60, and when the police officer asked me whether the car was mine i said yes, which of course was a lie, my friend also told the police officer that his car i was driving was mine, i am of course uninsured on my friend's car
what i am asking is whether i should come clean and tell the police that it wasnt my car, or whether i can get away with just the 60 fine and the 3 points (that is the ideal outcome)
i have to produce documentation at the police station of the MOT certificate and the paper part of my driving license, and also the vehicle registation document, i do not think i have to produce any insurance details
my main worry is that i will lose my licesne and be fined 200 for uninsured driving
people will probably tell me i shouldn't have been doing it in the first place and they are right, but i did it
also im not sure this is the correct place to post this, if not then apologies

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Ok. I'm guessing when you say you were arrested, what you really meant was that you were cautioned ("You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence....etc etc"), as this is a reasonably minor traffic violation and you would never be arrested for it. I've made mistakes in my time, one of which was driving without insurance, I was eventually found out after a minor shunt (wasn't my fault but was a wake up call nonetheless!) and after much stalling for time and lots of blag style letter writing (I've always been good at that, lol), I was found out. I got eight points on my until then, clean license. I also received a 260 fine. I was told by the copper that interviewed me that I would probably get a slap on the wrist (fine) and three points....He was wrong, lol.

Basically you better just come clean now, as with the producer (7-days to produce your documents) you'll be required to show a valid certificate of insurance. You should have been told this when pulled over though, as I'm assuming it was a traffic officer as he pulled you over for something you'd more than likely only be warned for, if pulled by a beat officer. You'll also need to produce your license (paper part as I guess you showed the Officer you photocard due you what you said?) and valid MoT certificate. I'm actually surprised they didn't run your details through the system at the side of the road.....Good that they didn't though, as the car would have been towed away and impounded....

I'll move this by the way!

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