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Question Mitsubishi Diamate Dies at Idle - just replaced alternator

I recently went to my parking garage and found my battery dead in my car. I had it towed by AAA and was told my alternator was shot. I replaced the alternator and battery. When i went to pick up my car and got to the corner, it stalled out. i quickly put into park, restarted and it drove fine. i foudn that whenever idles in drive (its a Mitsubishi Diamante) (and an automatic) and i am stopped, the car stalled out. i brought it back to the mechanic and he looked at it today. Now when i picked it up the idle issue is gone however i noticed that the idle was adjusted and it just runs at a higher rpm. Now i am finding that the transmission feels like it slips when i slow down to almost a stop (slips from second to first - as if the engine is running at to many rpms and has to drop to first). I dont have any issue with car shifting upward in grears. Just before i pulled into the garage my Check Engine light just went out. i am going to bring the car back to the mechanic but i dont really trust everything they are saying. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?

THe car is a 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante with 87,000 miles. Thanks

reading formums i saw that it could be the IAC, (Idle Air Control valve) possibly.....

another issue i have had for sometime is spongy brakes. Coulld these issues be related? loss of vacuum suction in car? bad alternator put into car? fan belt too tight restricting engine?
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