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Unhappy Why Does My Wife Need That New SUV

My wife and I got into it about why I think she doesn't need a new SUV.

Originally Posted by Copy/Paste from....a source
I understand some of the safety benefits of her getting a new SUV but that is about it. Why do most wives think they need such a huge monster for that trip to they kidís pre-school.

Donít get me wrong. I want my wife and kid to be safe but why canít it be in a gas sipping little wagon. When did they become so unsafe? Has the big auto makers done that good of a job making us think we need these giant moving fuel tanks?

We once lived in Germany. They all drive supper fast in their tiny little cars and their survival rate in an accident is much higher than ours in the U.S. Am I even getting the safety thing right? Maybe not. I hope we can get our minds around what we need instead of what we think looks better in our driveway or what car is bigger than our neighbors.

Oh yeah, and by the way, it has to have a navigation system built in.

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Old 08-13-2007, 04:41 AM   #2
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Firstly, drivers in Germany are more skilled and usually pay more attention to the road when driving. I'm not just saying that, I've experienced it. As far as safety goes, a big SUV isn't much, if any, safer because it is more likely to both roll over in an accident and to carry through a crash and hit something else because of its extra weight. If you want a vehicle that can get you, your kids, and your stuff around, get a 5-door Golf or a Pontiac Vibe. If, however, you do get a big SUV, you can always help the gas mileage by getting it with a manual transmission. I bet your wife would be psyched about THAT.
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Am I even getting the safety thing right? Maybe not.

Nope. Our death rate is about identical to Germany's. The biggest threat to our survival on the road is STILL drunk driving, not SUVs. And most fatal accidents are single car accidents driven by young males early in the morning (midnight to 6 am) with alcohol and speed being the major factors.

Less than 5% of SUVs roll over and less than .001% of SUVs are involved in fatal rollovers. Twice as many cars roll over annually than SUVs, though the percentage of the car population that rolls is lower.

All in all, the only arguments against SUV ownership that aren't truly weak are the arguments for fuel mileage. Large SUVs do get poor mileage.

No one needs ANY new car, and no one needs a sports car, either. Using need as a basis for telling someone what they should or shouldn't buy is an exercise in futility. You need to ask her why she WANTS one, then determine if anything YOU like fills those desires.
I'm not mean. You're just a wuss.
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