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Unhappy my car shakes..?

hey i have a 1990-2000 ford torus (spelling and im not shur on the year)

-When im driveing the car going mabey 40-45+mph and i try to slow down (not slam on the breaks but pertty hard) the breaks feel like there shakeing like my car well do jerky motions and or feel like its shakeing it not like HUGE vibrations but i can feel the pedal fliping out and the car shakes to the point that its embarising to slow down with people int he car (just another reason to go fast lol). Whats causeing this do you think? im not too worryed about it becase in the next 2-4 mouths im going to be purchaseing a new car (the ford is my first car its like my "Learning Car" as people call it plus its pretty old like a 1998 0r 2000 i forget its my dads old car) so if its nothing big then il just leave it but i want to make shur its not somthing major that i should get fixed.

i have a really great job and they pay me pretty good, So I want to buy a new(to me) car and i was woundering what some peoples oppions on cars were. sry if this this is wrong thread but i figured this thread would be better to post them in then make a bunch more threads in different areas.
I have been looking around (never to early to look for a car lol)
Im basicly looking for a car that has a great stock engine and looks very nice after some customization i will be modifying the engine but mabey not right away so i want something i can work with. (NO HONDAS no offence to honda lovers but i live in brockton there soooo many hondas around you cant walk down the street without seeing one litteraly.)
So here are some of my favorits so far from what I have seen and or read..

Supra (my favorit car of all time but i heard there no longer made or sold in the USA =( burn europe BURN)

Evolution (not the best looker IMO looks good stock but with custom parts it tends to look funny)

Mazda- (heard they have great engines true?)
no idea whats good the mazda 9 looks sweet or that really sporty lookin on forget the name tho =(


Also there are 2 custome's shops near my house that i want to check out. If i want to tweek my engine what are some things i should look for (could use some more info on turbos im still not 100% shur how they work or what they do)i know about ECU caps and intakes tho, any points that will help my car run good go fast or look great is welcome. Im not too buget tight but im siting on about 10,000 cash for car +parts and i really want to put 8G down on the new car that i get, so that leaves 2-4G's for parts/customization.
thanks and sry if i should have posted questions seperatly.
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