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As an auto detailer, I'll add a bit to this post and some more, such as products, etc., later one...

First of all, the guy who started the thread, you should relax and take the comments in a positive way... if someone tells you not to powerwash your engine, which is completely right btw, or you'll end up possibly damaging something important/expensive, even if they can say it in a nicer way, take it as good advice and save yourself some money in the long run

Originally Posted by What

While that guy has skills, and detailing/product knowledge, that is still a somewhat glorified detail imo... you don't need to wash the car 10x to get it clean without introducing swirls to the paint, you don't need to shower it with filtered water(although if you can get a filter on your hose, it'll help with drying time and no water-spotting) and unless you're going at it at once, you don't need to wash from bottom up... The way I wash cars is top down, but section by section, meaning, after spraying the car down for a few minutes to get any loose dirt off, I'll wash the roof with soap, then rinse off, trunk, rinse off, hood, etc.. Last comment on that R8 detail.. you do what you're paid to do, then some more to impress the clients... for example, unless I speak with the client about certain stuff, it's not included... this stuff would include washing the inside of the wheels(I simply wash/clean the exposed side, then some behind the spokes) and similar stuff that includes maybe lifting of the car, removing seats, etc.. basically the very small details... I do this usually when the client asks for a very thorough detail on a showcar, which usually ends up costing 2x+ than a regular 6-8hr detail as it takes 2x+ as long.

Originally Posted by chris_knows
10 hours?! I wonder how much something like that would set you back.

The prices will vary from detailer to detailer... most detailers give you a quote after inspecting the car, as they can accurately estimate how much time it will take... so while it seems like they're charging you based on a service, they're usually simply estimating the time and charging a certain price in order to meet an hourly figure they like... I charge at around $45/hr. without seeing that 10hrs though, I would estimate a car like that to take me at least 8-9hrs, so the 10 is probably right on... for that amount of time, I would quote around $350-400, but if you have a regular list of clients with high-end cars like that, you can easily be charging larger figures, such as $50-80/hr., maybe more.

I would assume that detail set the R8 owner back at least $5-600, but again, that's assuming the detailer has a similar clientèle and CAN charge that much

I'll post in the next post a process for a detail, some tips and some products
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