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Old 11-20-2007, 06:52 PM   #1
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Car Accident!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

I had a car accident back in April. I was stationary at the traffic lights on a one way ring road and some **** head rammed me up the rear causing about 3500 worth of damage. I suffered whip lash and had to take time off work.

Immediately after the crash I took the guys insurance details and registration number (note he did not disclose his address or phone number) and moved on. He did not even ask for mine. There were no witnesses that came forward at the time. It was also my first ever accident after 8 years of driving. I didnt have the presence of mind to take pictures and stop passing drivers, of which were pretty disgruntled as we were causing tail backs in a pretty busy part of London.

Anyway, I contacted my insurers almost immediately and made an appointment to see my doctor. My insurers advised me that it was clearly not my fault and so on. They recommended me a repairer and provided me with a hire car. The insurance company tracked him down with a DVLA search on his Reg Number and issued a liabilty claim on my behalf for damages to the car and my injuries.

Now the culprit that smashed into the back of my car is claiming that I reversed into him and that he has a third party witness.

It looks like it may go to court but all I have is a statement of what really happened. i have no witnesses. Am I screwed??

Please help!!!!
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Old 11-20-2007, 07:07 PM   #2
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Not necessarily screwed, no. I'm surprid the Police weren't called as it seems like a pretty bad smash and you were both holding up other traffic. I won't carry on about this because in those sorts of situations we all act strangely. I'd be VERY interested to see who this "witness" was. I suggest you speak to the Met Police (or City of London Police if you were within the square mile....) and see if they can pull any CCTV from the date in question. The Police will be the only ones who can obtain any CCTV due to data protection laws. Given that it happened in a fairly busy street plus you were at a set of traffic lights, I can safely presume there was some sort of street CCTV present. If you have no luck with the Police you could ask your insurance company I guess, or a Solicitor. Good Luck!

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3500 worth of damage would be pretty hard to cause in well as the whiplash. Your head would have been forced further back against the headrest, which would potentially stop the damage to your neck. If it was medically documented at the time, then there's a paper trail. As well, as Cliffy said, get the police involved to see if any traffic cameras could have caught it. Definitely get a lawyer involved though!
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