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Old 11-09-2008, 09:24 AM   #1
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car troubles

hey i have a question for people here. i wrote on a different forum and they really didnt know the problem so i was wondering if anyone here had any ideas

october 29
i have a dodge neon and i was driving it the other night and after i had gone a few blocks i had a problem. for like a half a second it was kinda like my car died, it slowed a little like i didnt have power then was just fine after that but didnt turn off all the way. it did this twice in a row and each time that happened the little light that looks like an engine on the dash came on but then turned off right after it happened. does anyone know what could be the problem with it? should i be concerned and take it to a mechanic? or should i wait to see if it does it again? please help if u can. thanks!

october 31
thanks, im going to have to take it in soon cause i drove it again tonight and it actually died twice on me this time. i had to stop the car and wait quite a few seconds and then i could start it again. but it was in the middle of me driving so i dunno. if anyone has any suggestions about what it could be please let me know so i know about how much this could cost me. oh and i did check the oil and its good and the transmissions fluid is good and its like half way full with gas. i hope its going to be ok thanks!

november 6
k heres the deal in case anyone was wondering. i took my car in and they said they couldnt find anything wrong with it and it wouldnt die for them so i have it back now and i had to pay them $30 for doing nothing

november 8
k so now im a little pissed because i took it to the place to get fixed and they said nothing was wrong so its been driving fine for a few days but i was going to go to a friends house who is like half an hour away and after like 10 mins it starts jerking on me and for like half a second it would cut out. it would slow down like it didnt have power and the spedometer would go from like 60 to 0 or 10 then go back up to 60. it did that the whole rest of the way there. i had to make it there though so i can take it in to be fixed...i hope. it probably did it like a hundred time or so on the way there i didnt keep count. i probably made it worse and am ruining the car but i had no choice. also another thing is it seemed like it did it more when i was going uphill but i could be wrong. does anyone one know what could be wrong with it because this is really frustrating and i just reallly want it fixed. thanks

i would really appreciate if anyone had any ideas as to what could be wrong and thanks
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Old 11-10-2008, 11:29 AM   #2
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so i took my firend out to ride im my car so she could see what happens because she was going to take it in for me so and so she knew what to tell them and it didnt do anything!! it worked just fine! so i drove it an hour and a half home and gave it to my parents to worry about now. and i didnt have any problems the whole way home. any ideas at all as to what could be wrong??? thanks
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Old 11-10-2008, 09:48 PM   #3
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Well jerking and lose of power makes me lean towards electrical like a coil or coil wire losing connection. The speedo cutting out sounds more like main ignition but still something electrical. I'd start with a full tune up, plugs wires, dist cap and rotor(or were they coil pack?), if not I'd even try a new coil. See if that helps you out any. I'm not guaranteeing anything but that's where I'd start.
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