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Originally Posted by EPerkins
It does make sense because if youll look at that post...
How about you look at your own posts:
My question is can a 2nd gen GSX with a turbo upgrade and intake compete with this gt?
I don't drive like that because Im not interested in trying to prove something about myself through the use of a vehicle
There's nothing wrong with competition, it just seems like you're going at it wrong. Don't get all butthurt by us; we're the nice ones.

Now, onto some useful info. If you're 16 and your friend is 16-17-18ish, experience will make better improvements than an upgraded turbo ever will, unless you're just hitting the drag strip. If you REALLY want to be faster, I suggest saving your money and spending it on attending a race school over the summer, or just go to every single SCCA race you can enter.

I'd bet a fair amount on a knowledgable driver in a Geo against a new driver in a Mustang if there are any twisties.
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Well thank you. I didn't mean to come across as pissy I just wanted people to know that im in this to learn and that I'm not like the stereotypical teenager that wants to show off a car that he can't handle at speeds above his skill level. Too many of my friends have wrecked for me to have that attitude. I have been considering a driving school because my friend's dad attended a very good one and has told me how tremendously it has helped his ability to handle a car at fast speeds. I want to do everything legit, the right way, and with the right attitude. Thank you all for the help and I apologize to newyorker for any attitude ive given him in any thread. Like I said im here to learn and do things right.
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