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Thumbs up I love pie.

Edited because Spanky2324 came through.

Last edited by skubasteve : 02-18-2009 at 02:42 PM. Reason: Problem with Spanky worked out
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Geez guy common, don't you know the rules?

Post here first

Here's my Website: Voda's Webpage It is in dire need of updating.
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Originally Posted by skubasteve

Including me. I've emailed him with no response. I've been blocked on his IM accounts so I can't see when he is online. He will not answer my PMs from this board or the other boards he is registered on. I have verified that this is the same person because he is using the same contact info on every site he visits. His latest activity on the site was today at 2:21am EDT.

We had a deal to make an even trade on some collectibles back in December. We were supposed to ship our end of the deal both at the same time. I sent my part of the deal on December 10th. He never sent his part. Since then he has ignored every form of communication I have tried.

Here is a link to a thread in another board where he has taken advantage of other people as well.

<Link Removed>

His contact info is...

<Personal details removed>

If you want to back out of the deal then be a man and say something. Don't just try to drop off the face of the earth. I will be posting this message on every board I find you on until you answer me. It's not even really about the money anymore, it's the principle.
You are obviously upset about something here. I have deleted the contact details you posted, and I would appreciate you not re-posting them. Please PM me and we can try and sort this out.

Please click here for the rules prior to posting, and here to introduce yourself!

Artwork courtesy of Gregg, aka Voda48
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