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Originally Posted by fudge
Prius drivers are too full of smug, I would consider one but they're expensive to start with plus they're ugly. If I was feeling ambitious enough I might even try and build my own version of the KERs system using parts from a written off Prius. Just need to recap on the principles of electronic drives if I still have my lecture notes...
You know what I'd to do..Piss off all the Prius owners that are all about environment 24/7 by taking there precious Prius, drop a gas guzzlin oil burnin v8 in it.I'd like to see there faces when I speed by them leavin a nice smoke cloud in front of them.

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Originally Posted by eccy

Currently look at getting one of the following...

Honda S2000
Nissan 350z
Mazda RX-8
Toyota Celica
Lancer Evo 7

Referring to performance, which do you guys think would be the best option?
Also, I'm in Australia so my access to some cars is limited. My price goes to 30,000 (Aus).


RX8 is a joke, what a waste of money! the 350z can get pretty nice with upgrades, as well as the evo 7 and i've heard the s2000 has potential. I would go to your local performance parts shop and see what they have on stock for those cars, between performance and parts availability thats how i would go.
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