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Hyundai Accent 1.6L

I own an 1.6L DOHC 04 accent gl, with 128, 000km roughly. Back in March I found I had a head gasket problem. Trying the save money I took it to a backyard mechanic. Big mistake maybe..... The head gasket was replaced, it was only a very small external leak down the side of the engine. I was told I had 2 bent inakte valves, (I believe now that the guy somehow bent them; maybe in retiming). Anyway, those 2 valves where replaced. I got the car back, it ran rich with a check engine light on, Camshaft position sensor malfunction. Besides running rich, lack of power, and the light on, the car ran good. I question him about the CEL and said the replace the sensor. I did and no change. I later took it upon myslef to do research and found the timing could be off. So I checked the timing. It was off, the crank was advanced 1 notch on the timing belt, and the cam to cam timing chain was retarded on the intake by 3 notches.

Problems were as follows:
CEL with code 3040 (Camshaft position sensor malfunction
Smell rich running
Not much power
Excessive gas useage

My buddy and I spent 2 days (sh!t came up, besides the point) took our time and retimed the car fully. Once we timed it we cranked it by hand a few rotations and checked to see if everything aligned. We cranked it by key a few rotations and checked to see if everything aligned. Then started it and ran it dry with no accessories and it ran like crap. But everything still aligned. The cam pinhole at 12, the crank notch at 1, with the keyway at 3, and the inatake between 9 and 10 (thereabouts) and the exhaust at 3.

Put everything back together to find the car bogging and wanting to stall, running rough at idle, but drive with power at speed. Stop at light and bog. With your foot lightly on the brake, it jerks forward.

Problems are as follows:
Runs rough at idle, bogging and jerking
At steady speed, rpms will sometimes increase and car revs
On a few occations I put my foot down to go, and the car losses power like it is going to stall before getting power
At idle with foot on brake, get a rattling noise from under the hood, heard from inside the car (sounds close to firewall on drivers side)
Getting CEL with code 2188 (running rich at idle) every few days
Had got 3 times in the passed 3 weeks since it was retimed a CEL, with codes 0300, 0302, 0303 (radom misfire, cylinder 2 misfire and cylinder 3 misfire)Problems
Poor gas milage

Things done or replaced or tried:
Pressure test, 201 in cylinder 1 - 3 and 205 in cylinder 4 dry
Pressure test, 211 in all cylinders wet
New spark plugs (only 3 weeks old and have carbon at base with with a greyish white arm)
New belts
New starter (replaced before this at started)
New cam sensor
New wires
New coil pack (tried but returns, do to no change)
ISA taken off and cleaned
MAP taken off and cleaned
New TPS (tired but returned, do to no change)
Check vaccum hoses and intake for leak by spraying with throttle body cleaner
New air filter
Cleaned PCV
Rechecked timing but lining up cam pinhole and putting a dowel into cylinder 1 at TDC
Sea foam in the gas tank and direct into throttle body through throttle plated at 1500 rpms
Vaccum test done twice (Once through Brake Booster, Once through PCV hose) Gauge was jumpy and a little low

video at youtube link: for pcv hose for brake booster

If anyone can help me out that would be great, don't know what to do.......

I think maybe failing fuel injector(s), failing ISA (idle speed accuator), vaccum leak maybe, sticking valves???????

Don't make sense for the car to run better at idle, while running rich with no power with timing off, and running like sh!t at idle, while have power at speed while timed properly. I know the valves are fine because we didn't hear valves hitting when I timed it and didnt hear any valve problems when I got the car back not timed.

So first what is causing the bogging and rough idle?
What is causing the rattling noise with my foot on the brake at idle?
What is causing the rpms to jump sometimes at speed?

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