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Something Amusing (Rated M)

I stole this from's victims...

Males are predictable. Adolescent males are even more predictable and that's why they always make such great victims.
If you're a woman you probably already know this. Mention that you're physically attracted to a man and his brain will instantly shut off. This is so that all available blood can be safely re-directed to the penis. It's sort of like shutting off your computer before you unplug it. Seriously. It's a medical fact.

Look it up if you don't believe me.

I have no idea who this poor kid was. He just IM'd us out of the blue. He was apparently trying to contact his friend, Rachael to ask if she had 'bragg' but, whatever the hell 'bragg' is, it soon took a backseat to Rachaels's secret admirations and other affairs of the heart.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at was actually one of us here at Fugly.
The innocent victim in all of this is RockClmbr2002

HERE's what happened.

RockClmbr2002: rachael, do u have bragg?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: who is this
RockClmbr2002: trevor
RockClmbr2002: do you have bragg?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: no i don't hon
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, nm then
RockClmbr2002: thnx neways
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: your welcome sexy
RockClmbr2002: what?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you know i never told you before but i think you're sexy
RockClmbr2002: ok, like, are you Rachael? or is someone else there cuz this is a little scary
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its me honey
RockClmbr2002: ok, well, what have you beeen doing lately?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: not a whole lot what about you?
RockClmbr2002: um, well, i hjave been thinking about you
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: oh really?
RockClmbr2002: yes really, alot of time
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and what thoughts have you been having about me?
RockClmbr2002: well, it was.. nothing really
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you were doing alot of thinking about me but it was nothing really?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: hey you don't have to be shy with me
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, well, i don't know how to put what i felt in words
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well why don't you try
RockClmbr2002: well, ok, but what do u want me to say?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its not about what i want you to say or what i want to hear sweetie
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its about your feelings
RockClmbr2002: oh, wel, i don't know what to say, rent u an geof?
RockClmbr2002: nm
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: no but i think you have feelings for me
RockClmbr2002: what kind of feelings?
RockClmbr2002: and would that be god or bad?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you know romantic feelings i've seen the way you look at me
RockClmbr2002: well, do u like those feelings that u see
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i have the same feelings for you
RockClmbr2002: oh
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes when i see you i get a tingly feeling all over
RockClmbr2002: well, um, i have soathing to say to
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes?
RockClmbr2002: well, i should apologize if i led u the wrong way, um, yeah
RockClmbr2002: the thing I wanted to say was, "Alex"
RockClmbr2002: sorry
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: what about alex?
RockClmbr2002: well, she is the love of my life
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know that sweetie thats why i haven't made a move on you before
RockClmbr2002: well, what happened w/ Goef?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: he's a nice guy
RockClmbr2002: well, don't u think, nm
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: but he's lacking in some areas
RockClmbr2002: like what?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well its kinda hard to explain
RockClmbr2002: oh, well, what do u see in me?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well Geof is nice but he's a minute man
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and i do like him but its not satisfying
RockClmbr2002: oh, and i am?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: when it comes to that thing i'd much rather be with you
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, what about like fletcher, or trent, or even lucas?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well i do have fantasies
RockClmbr2002: omg, relly?
RockClmbr2002: omg
RockClmbr2002: woww
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well you do too!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i got news for you mister we females like it too and have our own fantasies
RockClmbr2002: like what?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well i know you guys
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you have all sorts of naughty thoughts
RockClmbr2002: go on
RockClmbr2002: please do
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i'll bet you've fantisied about haveing more than one girl in the sack haven't y you?
RockClmbr2002: um, well
RockClmbr2002: uh, do u eally want me talking bout this
RockClmbr2002: do u enjoy ur little fantasies
RockClmbr2002: and what happens in these fantasies, rachael?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: come on its a common fantasy amoung men
RockClmbr2002: well, all guys are different, u dont't know bout me
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i do enjoy them
RockClmbr2002: what happens in them
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: true but tell me you haven't once thought of me and Alex and you together
RockClmbr2002: well, i dont really want to b sharing that rigth now
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know you are uncomfortable
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she is yourlove and thoughts of sex with someone other than her might make you feel bad
RockClmbr2002: if i said yes to u, would u want to make love with me
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes i would
RockClmbr2002: what if it was 2morrow
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes tomorrow what time? my place or yours?
RockClmbr2002: and what do u think?
RockClmbr2002: would be best
RockClmbr2002: place and time
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its up to you
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: is there anything special you want me to wear
RockClmbr2002: well, i don know, r ur parents home
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: crap i think moms gonna be home tomorrow
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, does nebody else know about it, ne friends, ppl, etc.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: GOD NO!
RockClmbr2002: would u ever tell?
RockClmbr2002: ne one?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NO! i know you love alex alot it would kill her if she found out
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and Geof. i like him too i'd hate to hurt his feelings
RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, r u serious about doing it?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes can we do it your bedroom?
RockClmbr2002: impossible, my parents, and my mom is always home
RockClmbr2002: plus how ould u ge here
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: ok lets meet some where
RockClmbr2002: like where
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: how abotu at Alex's house?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she's right here with me.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: want me to ask her if it's ok for us to have sex at her house?
RockClmbr2002: bull shit she is not there
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Trevor. This is Alex.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I can't believe you are trying to have sex with Rachel
RockClmbr2002: what is this
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I came over here to talk to Rachel and you wrote to her
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: what the hell do you think you're doing, Trevor?
RockClmbr2002: i am not doing anything shes the one who started it
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Oh, please. I've been watching the entire time, Trevor.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: it was funny at first but then you started trying to have SEX with her???
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Trevor, you told me that you loved me!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NOW YOU WANT TO **** RACHAEL?
RockClmbr2002: ALL i did was ask her if she had bragg and then i was going
RockClmbr2002: she started and I was just joking anyway
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I don't believe you and I don't ever want to see you again, Trevor.
RockClmbr2002: ALEX
RockClmbr2002: LISTEN TO ME
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NO. goodbye, Trevor
RockClmbr2002: ALEX
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i hate you and i hope you DIE!!
RockClmbr2002: ALEX
RockClmbr2002: rachel tell her the truth that you were just joking with me
RockClmbr2002: rachel
RockClmbr2002: answer me please
RockClmbr2002: this isn't funny it was just a joke so why wont you answer
RockClmbr2002: alex
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: sorry trevor
RockClmbr2002: this isnt funny
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i thought it would be funny but then you got all serious
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: this is rachale again
RockClmbr2002: I DID NOT
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: alex left
RockClmbr2002: YOUR tHE one who started this
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im really sorry
RockClmbr2002: where did she go?
RockClmbr2002: this is not even funny rachael
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: please trevor im really sorry
RockClmbr2002: you just messed up my whole life
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im so sorry
RockClmbr2002: is she gone or is she still there
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she ran out
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i think shes downstairs calling her mom
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: are you ok?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: trevor
RockClmbr2002: im here
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im so sorry
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: but i really do think about you like that all the time
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know this is all crazy now but do you still?
RockClmbr2002: are you serious?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yeah
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: alex left and i dont know
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you said you were thinking about me
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: is that true?
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i really do think your sexy and
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i dont know
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: nevermind
RockClmbr2002: this is crazy
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im sorry about alex
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: are you mad at me?
RockClmbr2002: no
RockClmbr2002: im not mad
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: so do you still want to meet?
RockClmbr2002: yeah i do but this is all messed up now
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you do
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: do you still want to have sex?
RockClmbr2002: yeah but
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you do?
RockClmbr2002: yes i do
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: TREVOR! THIS IS ALEX STILL.
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU
RockClmbr2002: this is just crazy
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HOPE YOU ****ING DIE TREVOR YOU LIAR!!!!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN!!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HOPE YOU DIE AND GO TO ****ING HELL TREVOR!
RockClmbr2002: i cant take this
ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HOPE YOU DIE AND GO TO HELL!!
RockClmbr2002: <<user has logged out>>
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funny stuff dude
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